Right To Rumble, The Unkool Hillbillies 
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Sweden's Unkool Hillbillies are back with a new CD, entitled "Right To Rumble!" This CD features 12 explosive tracks of inimitable rock 'n' roll. It was recorded live in Mike Muffin Studio during one intensive weekend in January 2003. From the start in the late 90's, The Unkool Hillbillies are recognized for their shows with fast and untamed rock 'n' roll. But they are also known to push the musical genre borders disrespectfully as they sometimes mix in hillbilly, ragtime and other forms of roots music.

Together with Washboard Wilma they have two CD's out, both filled with an incomparable blend of "hillbilly rock & roll". This new CD, however, is pure rock 'n' roll and resembles in many ways a live show with The Unkool Hillbillies: It rocks hard and is delivered with a very powerful timeless sound. Even though this is a CD of pure rock 'n' roll, there is a broad spectrum of variations. There are frantic high-speed rockers, rock-a-billy hoppers and solid r&r songs, all with different nuances. Except for a bunch of new original songs, there are a couple of reinterpretations of classic rock-a-billy songs, there among a very rocking version of "Tore Up", that can be seen is a tribute to Hank Ballard, who unfortunately passed away just a month before this album was released.

Some may claim that this album has one limitation, and that is that there is no slow song to recover one's breath. So dancers and sensitive persons are encouraged to pause the CD for two minutes, at least after frantic rockers like "Have You Changed", "Tore Up" and "Hey Little Girl". The rest of us can load the stereo with this platter, pump up the volume and get ready for 30 minutes of fast, fervent and furious rock 'n' roll.

The Unkool Hillbillies are:
Ove Andersson - Double Bass
Jasenko Kumric - Minimal Drumkit
Anders Umegård - Acoustic Piano, Roland FP3
Claes Carlberg - '65 Höffner Guitar
Karl Jussila - Eagle & 50's Dynackord King
Richard Andersson - A Whole Lotta Harps

Contact information:
Phone: +46 (0)70 208 09 28

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Story by Anders Umegård, 2003