Rhythm Junction, Mario Bradley
Pink 'n' Black PBCD 007

Born in co. Galway, Irish Republic, Mario had the feel for his music at a very early age, when his dad gave him his first rock 'n' roll LP. By the age of 17, he was playing the double bass and this led him to play with various bands including The Marvels, The Blue Ridge Mountain Boys and The Bootleggers. His earlier influences include Joe Clay, Amos Milburn, Big Joe Turner, Gene Vincent, Louis Jordan and Carl Perkins.

Later on, Mario started to concentrate on the guitar and other instruments including piano, drums and percussion, although his dream was always to build his own recording studio. In 1998, Mario finally realised his aspirations and started recording the exciting tracks that made his first CD, "Shake It, Don't Break It"... (Read review)

And here I have in my CD player Mario's new album "Rhythm Junction". Same cat, same style as the first album, and since we awarded that 5 stars a couple of years ago you can imagine I was anxious to hear this one. Mario is staying true to his roots and he's still scraping his throat when he sings. Although influenced by many great 50s stars, Mario's style is all his own: rocking and shaking. Just listen to his selfpenned "Spellbound", it's spooky, scary, and it will definitly rock your socks off. Or try his rendition of Marvin Rainwater's "Boo Hoo" on for size, it's sure to fit! You can catch your breath for a while listening to the trad rockabilly song "Long Time Gone" and swing to the rhtym & blues on "Mabel". Most songs on this album were written by the man himself, and if you like your steak rare like I do, I just know you will enjoy all 16 tracks on this platter, 'cause it's all raw & rocking.

Hey Baby / Bip Bop Baby / Hep To The Boogie / Whoo! I Mean Whee! / Spellbound / Metronome Mama / Take A Ride / Boo Hoo / Long Time Gone / Rhythm Train / Mabel / Baby Doll / Beale Street / Hip Hip Baby / Bye Bye Boogie / Bip Bop Baby (Alt)

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Reviewed by The BlackCat, 2006