RHYTHM 55 (Self titled debut release)
JCR Records, JCR CD 005

Rhythm 55 formed in the summer of 1999 and their goal is to revive the good old sound of the fifties as close to the original as possible. The 50s are not only replicated through their songs, but it can also be seen and felt when the three guys appear in their proper style outfits on stage. The band transforms the explosive mixture of different varieties of music, like rockabilly, rhythm & blues, country and gospel and re-create it on stage. On their debut CD Rhythm 55 offers no less than 17 tracks with five compositions they can call their own, and some great covers like, Ray Charles' "Mess Around", turned into a stroller, "I'm Left, You're Right, She's Gone", transformed into a saturated blues, the country ballad "Hearts Of Stone" seems just out of a Sun session, or "Milkcow Blues", a perfect vintage rockabilly song.

It's quite amazing how many excellent musicians and bands the rock 'n' roll scene has produced over the last few years. And this band is just that - skilled and professional - but in addition to being great musicians, these boys have that little something extra that can only be attributed to the untiring enthusiasm of youth. They're fresh and motivated and ready to go. It's obvious to anyone that the boys had lots of fun recording these tracks. Just drop by at the JCR website to listen to some samples.

The JCR studio gives the opportunity to make recordings in a 50's way. To serve this purpose, recordings are made with vintage technology recording equipment. This includes antique quality valve microphones, valve tape recorders and valve tape echo devices.

The Line-Up:
Christian Auer - Lead Guitar
Thomas Duenser - Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
Robert Walser - Double Bass

Contact information:
Robert Walser
CH-9475 Sevelen


JCR Records
Maison Jean 44
1801 Le Mont-Pèlerin


Information provided by JCR Records & Rhythm 55