90 Miles To Reno, The Reno Brothers 
Tombstone Records, TOMBCD 2086

The Reno Brothers started playing rockabilly in 1998. Rogier and Eddy had previously played together in the Red Shots, Get Rhythm and Jimmy and the Bamboozies. This new band was formed with Ramon and then Jan van Leeuwen joined 2 months later. After the first CD, comprised of original songs by Rogier and Ramon, was recorded at Kees Byrd's Studio in Utrecht, they took to the road, through Holland, Belgium, France, Spain and Germany custom-made for any venue from blues bars like Maloe Melo in Amsterdam, to major festivals like the Hemsby Weekender and the High Rockabilly Spain. This touring experience brought the boys into the international rockabilly spotlight. Their track "Draggin" was singled out for the NV Records Compilation "Voodoo News" in 2001 and later in the year the boys were hand picked to back RCA Recording Star Robert Gordon from Washington DC. Several members backed Skinny McGee also. Drummer Jan left the band in early 2004, as luck would have it, a couple of months before twenty year old Aeilko had suprised the guys by jumping on stage during a soundcheck and laying down a locomotion railroad rhythm. After a couple of rehearsals the Reno's were back on the mainline to Rockabilly Central.

We now write 2008 and I have in my cd-player the latest CD by The Reno Brothers titled "90 Miles To Reno". A new highlight in the career of one of Hollands most popular rockabilly bands. Starting off with "Let The Devil Come Out" the Reno's fabulous rockabilly sound thunders into my living room. A fantastic opener, colored with a touch of bluesharp by guest musician Andres "Zwiebel" Swiatlowsaki Castro III. What's in a name?

On with some honkytonk hillbilly sounds on "Rollin' Roadhouse" and still keeping up the pace with Wayne Hancock's "Johnny Law". Great rhythm and superb, well varied guitar slinging. "90 Miles" is next, 90 miles an hour that is, both the song and the vehicle. Let's slow it down just a tiny little bit with "Travellin' On", nice dark vocals. Pickin' up speed again with Aeilko hitting the skins hard on "Still In Love With You" and "Make It All Right".

A change of rhythm with some jungle drums and a bit of bluesharp on "Rolling Ramblin' Man", written by Rogier Hermans, who by the way wrote half of the songs on this album. Next is a very well done country-ish Randy Howard song titled "I Don't Know", followed by a re-recorded "Hotrod Saturday Night" (from Born To Party CD).

Some roadsongs "Don't Even Know Your Name" and "Truckin' Man" are followed by Marty Robbins' ballad "You Gave Me A Mountain", and a guitar instrumental titled "White Corn". The closer is a fantastic rendition of Jerry Reed's "East Bound & Down". What a fabulous album, with lots of variety and great musicianship. I'm pretty sure you're gonna enjoy this masterpiece from Holland. Aeilko Van Der Wagen likes to dedicate this CD to Bob te Kamp (RIP).

The Reno Brothers are:
Rogier Hermans - Lead Vocals, Lead Guitar
Rolf Hartogs - Backing Vocals, Acoustic & Lead Guitar
Eddy Poppes - Double Bass
Aeilko Van Der Wagen - Drums

Guest starring:
Andres Swiatlowsaki - Blues Harp

Let The Devil Come Out / Rollin' Roadhouse / Johnny Law / 90 Miles / Travellin' On / Still In Love With You / Make It All Right / Rolling Ramblin' Man / I Don't Know / Hotrod Saturday Night / Don't Even Know Your Name / Truckin' Man / You Gave Me A Mountain / White Corn / East Bound & Down

Contact & booking:
Phone: +31 (0)30 6871012


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Reviewed by The BlackCat, 2008