Live At The Cruise Inn, The Reno Brothers & Mischief!
B-B-Q Records, 20021
 The Reno Brothers, Born To Party!
 Mischief! Beep-Beep, Wake Up Europe!

One usually says "guess you had to be there", but in my cd-player is a superb live recording of two of Holland's top rockabilly bands, The Reno Brothers and Mischief! I'm sorry to say, I wasn't there either, but luckily the gig was profesionally recorded and issued on video as well as on CD for all of us to enjoy for years to come.

Richard (Mischief) recals: "A very hot Saturday night in juli, almost two years ago. We had a bbq at Ramon's place A good location for something like that, a trailer at a small lake in the middel of a traler park. After the bbq and a lot of booze we started jamming. Well, the booze started to work and we had a wild time which eventually ended up in that lake. As always when we are all together, we get the craziest ideas. One of those ideas was to put out a record with our two bands on it, a 10 inch maybe, with a band on each side. Pretty cool! But it had already been done before. A live recording session at The Cruise Inn, the place to be in the Netherlands, that's it! A few phonecalls later, eveything was arranged. The Cruise was more than happy to help out. We were lucky to get Jasja Van Ambel as our recording engineer. Pfff hard enough, because he works almost every weekend in one of the Netherlands' biggest theaters. It turned out to be one of the wildest parties ever!"

Tracks by The Reno Brothers: Hey Hey Now - Have A Real Good Time - Rollin' Roadhouse - Cruisin' USA - She Ain't Lookin' Any Better - Don't Have A Heart Left To Break - You've Done Me Wrong - My Little Woman - 109 - One Is All The Law Will Allow

Tracks by Mischief: Justine - Love You Every Day - I Want Some More - Maybe Baby - I'm Coming Home - In Dreams - I Gotta Know - Sweet Love On My Mind - Yes I Do - Wake Up - My Little One

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