The Road That Leads To Home, The Regal Line
Golly Gee Records GGR 1041

Their bit:
The Regal Line is a drummerless trio hailing from Southern California. Taking the sounds of country pioneers such as Jimmie Rodgers, combining them with the Sun Records sound of Johnny Cash in the mid 50's, and adding a unique style of their own, The Regal Line strives to bring back a sound not heard since that era. The Regal Line plays gospel music from a time when gospel WAS country and it was simple yet powerful. With Jason Moody's baritone Johnny Cash style vocals and rhythm guitar, Barry Cavener's complimentary harmonies and Luther Perkins style flat picking, and Bobby Cavener's Bill Black style slap bass, The Regal Line brings the listener a truly authentic sound reminiscent of days long gone.

My bit:
This album by The Regal Line is interesting and hard to classify, is it rockabilly? Well sorta, and is it gospel? Well yeah, it's sorta gospel... so what is it? Well I think I can best describe it as "If Jimmy Swaggart and Johnny Cash had a baby, this would be it".

I call it "Preachabilly" because most of the songs have a message or pay hommage to the Lord. but for me Rockabilly is wild nights, fast times and getting the chick, the music is meant to get the blood pumpin' and to get kids dancing. Don't get me wrong, I like gospel as doo-wop or straight country, I just found that getting goddly at 160 bpm didn't work for me. On the music side, Jason's lead vocal and rhythm guitar are well suited to rippin' up the floor, Bobby's slappin' is fantastic and he would be welcome to sit in on anyones session, but I found the wailing lead guitar was out of character on some tracks. However the tracks that Jason and Barry duet on are pleasing, the harmonies work well as the voices are complimentary.

To say I found religion by track 20 by saying "Thank God that's over" would only be an attempt at humour on my part, this album will not be for everyone, but if gospel is your bag, give this a listen.

The Regal Line are:
Jason Moody - Lead Vocals & Rhythm Guitar
Barry Cavener - Lead Guitar & Backing Vocals
Bobby Cavener - Stand-Up Bass

With the likes of me - Decisions - Right by my side - Keep on walkin' - Heaven bound - Here we go - Tired bones - If you decide to go - I love the way - Cry cry cry - Dear mama - I can't wait - Riding the rails - How do I say I love you - Tell me - Old oak tree - 51 Merc - I'm gonna let you go - The tie that binds - Audrey's song 

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Reviewed by CancerMan Mark, 2005