Reeferbilly Blowout, Shakin' Pyramids
Raucous Records, RAUCD 101

Three voices, two acoustic guitars, a stamping board and a harmonica. These were the original Shakin' Pyramids. Unpolished and 'In Your Pace'. In 1979 they left the streets of Greenock for the south of France , inspired by the raw rockin' energy of the Burnette Brothers, Ronnie Self, Gene Vincent and many others. They plundered the cafe nightlife of the Riviera alongside gypsy fire-eaters and Flamenco artists. In 1980 they recorded "Reeferbilly Boogie" for the Cuba Libre label on a four track machine at the Hellfire Club in Glasgow. It unexpectedly became 'Single of the Week' in the NME. Jim, Davie and Kenny found themselves almost reluctantly propelled into the Rockabilly Revival and the glamour of the major record labels to capitalize on it.

In 1981 they signed to Virgin Records and released "Skin 'Em Up", their first album, touring extensively on the back of it with Jim on electric guitar and the addition of slap bass. In 1982 they released "Celts And Cobras" which never really followed in the footsteps of their previous recordings. Maybe the Shakin' Pyramids were never meant to be polished... More like sandblasted! The band suddenly disbanded in the middle of a Canadian tour in 1983, never to be heard of since. However, if rumour has it, a new chapter may be about to be written. --- Liner Notes ---

The Shakin' Pyramids were torpedoed to stardom, at least among the rockabilly crowd, after the release of their immense popular LP "Skin 'Em Up" in de midst of the rockabilly revival of the early eighties, lead by the likes of the Polecats and the Straycats. Even today, 20 years later, "Skin 'Em Up" is still considered a milestone in rockabilly revival. It has been re-issued on LP as well as CD, so if you're a rockabilly at heart and still don't have it, now's the time to visit the Raucous Shop.

In May 1981, The Pyramids did a live show at the Kelvingrove Free Music Festival in Glasgow, and luckily for us, Radio Clyde was there to tape the show. The full nine-track set has been released on a limited 10" LP and on CD. If you want to know what all this hassle was about two decades ago, or if you are just curious how the Pyramids sounded live on stage, this album is a must for your collection. Played completely in the hot rockabilly style of "Skin 'Em Up", the Shakin' Pyramids are going through the roof on this wild rockabilly live performance. Not to be missed!

Teenage Boogie / Tennessee Rock 'n' Roll / Alright All Night / Sixteen Chicks / Shadow My Baby / Pretty Bad Blues / Wild Little Willie / Wash machine Boogie / I Got A Baby

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Reviewed by The BlackCat, 2001

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