Good A$ Gold, Red West & Hot Rhythm
Distribution: Border Music

On his 17th album Swedish Jorgen Red Westman continues his career as a rockabilly and rhythm'n'blues artist using the alias RED WEST. The new album "Good A$ Gold" is the result of one year of recordings between tours and consists of 24 songs written by Jorgen himself, an album that shows that it is perfectly possible to record in your own basement with brilliant result.

To be able to dance to record was important when the songs were produced and as the drummer Tommy Olsson is a dance expert it came on him to determine the pace and momentum. And that the album would have infectious choruses also sat high on the agenda - a hallmark of Jorgen's earlier albums with Psychotic Youth and The Buckshots. A width of the musical content is a must for Jorgen. On the album Good A $ Gold you will find everything from piano-fueled boogie woogie to languorous ballads, surf guitar, country and high octane rock'n'roll.

On the disc you can also find Jorgens wife Mary West and the backing band Hot Rhythm composed by Tommy Olsson on drums and Henrik Hellberg on upright bass, as well as guest musicians - Gothenburgs own red hot - Thommy BorssÚn on the piano and the multi instrumentalist and friend from Psychotic Youth - Gunnar Frick on steel guitar, big band blower Marcus Flyckt on saxophone and melancholy trumpeter Ulrik Hoglund.

Some previous voices on Red West & Hot Rhythm:

  • "Red West & Hot Rhythm Kicks Ass With This Record!" (Bad Ass Lifestyle)
  • "Damn near perfect rockabilly!" (Black Cat Rockabilly)
  • "The wild waves of energy, drive and backbeat." (Boppin 'Around Magazine)
  • "A typical collection of Westman songs and it's a pleasure to hear his voice again!" (Surf City's Records)
  • "Nice mix of styles. Feels like driving a" mixed tape "through my cassette player." (Rock'n'Roll Magazine)
  • "A very fine album and deserves to get some airplay and do well." (Crackerjack Magazine)

Jorgen Red Westman was, and is, also the frontman of the legendary garage-surf-punk band Psychotic Youth who celebrates 30 years next spring with a new album, as well as legendary rockabilly band The Buckshots, as they also have resurfaced after six years of dormancy.

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Press Release by Jorgen Red Westman, 2014