Rebels Revenge, Self-titled
Independent, 2003

Rebels Revenge is a Teddyboy rock 'n' roll band from Tønsberg, Norway. They've played together since autom 1999, and had regulary gig's around in Norway and some few in Sweden. It all started when Håkon and Sindre decided to start a band called Money Makers. In the beginning of December they had enough songs to play a whole set, and this resulted in more gig's.
Late 2001 Håkon and Sindre decided to desolve Money Makers and start a new band with new members. The result was a trio Rebels Revenge, named after a B-17 bomber plane from the WW II. After two concerts as a trio, guitar player Joakim Høyland joined the band at they became a combo. After many concerts and recording of their first album during summer and autom 2002 the drummer left the band, soon to be replaced with Roger Kristiansen known from Wilddogs, Sarpsborg.

Just the other week I was talking to an old mate and somehow I mentioned Crazy Cavan. My mate looked at me with a bit of a surprise on his face and said: "Isn't he dead yet?". That hurt! No, Cavan is not dead, and even more so, his music will never die! There will always be wild cats to carry on the Teddy Boy sound, and Rebels Revenge is one of 'em. Their first record, simply titled "Rebels Revenge", is a mixture of rockabilly, ballads and Teddy Boy rock 'n' roll.

Only 9 tracks on the album, but all are self-penned by Håkon Samland and John Sindre Lynghaug, starting with "Egghead", a stomping Ted song with raving lead guitar and an excentric Norway accent on the vocals. The rhythm keeps right on rockin' with "Ripper Jack", followed by the faster paced rockabilly track "Pretty Little Girl". The title track "Rebels Revenge" starts of with slow pickin' on the lead guitar, but when the bass sets in it turns out to be a dangerous threat. Goose bumps on my arms indicate that the song obviously had an impact on me...

I can't say the same about "Dreamgirl", the unavoidable ballad with whining vocals. Come on guys, let's rock some more! "Caddy '58" does just that, let's rock 'n' roll! "Marianne" is a love song and kind of a ballad too, but this time with a lot more rhythm. "Red Hot Rock 'n' Roll" is right back up my alley again, stomping Teddy Boy music the way it was meant to be. The closer is a 50s style hot rod song titled "Oldmobile Rocket 88", with hard hitting drums and draggin' basslines. Not bad at all, this debut album. I'm glad to read that Rebels Revenge is already working on their second album. Keep an eye out for these guys, the just might be going places!

Rebels Revenge are:
Håkon Samland - Vocals, Lead Guitar
Roger Kristiansen - Drums
Joakim Høyland - Rhythm Guitar
John Sindre Lynghaug - Vocals, Bass

Contact information:
Atle Lynghaug
Phone: (+47)33744900/91117621

Reviewed by The BlackCat, 2003
Additional information by Rebels Revenge