Real Cool Cats - Texas Rockabilly 1955
El Toro Records ETCD 1010

El Toro released a mighty fine collection of the very best athentic Texas Rockabilly from 1955. This CD is really packed with goodies (34 tracks), but it doesn't hold any surprises for the rockabilly collector though. If you are just starting your 50's rockabilly collection, or if you are still missing a few songs, this is definitnly a money's worth compilation. Almost all of Sonny Fisher Starday recordings are here, except for Pink & Black and Little red Wagon, but these were from 1956 and who knows there might be a follow-up release.

The alt-take of Rockin' Daddy might be interesting for some, because it was only released on CD one time before if I'm correct (Buffalo Bop, Teenage Wolfpack). Of course there is much more to enjoy, like one of my all time favorites Link Davis' "Grasshopper Rock" (mistitled "Grashopper" on the cover) and a couple of Johnny Carroll classics. Check out the tracklisting and decide for yourself. One way or another, this is a great party collection that's keep you on the dance floor for a while.

  • Sonny Fisher - I Can't Lose
  • Johnny Carroll - You Two Timed Me One Time Too Often
  • Bob Luman - That's All Right
  • Jimmy Heap - Sebbin' Come Elebbin'
  • Dean Beard - Sing, Sing, Sing
  • Link Davis - Grasshopper Rock
  • Johnny Carroll - Hearts Of Stone
  • Sid King & The Five Strings - Sag, Drag & Fall
  • Sonny Fisher - Rockin' Daddy
  • Mac Curtis - What'll I Do
  • Johnny Carroll - Sexy Ways
  • Bob Luman - You Were The Cause Of It All
  • Sonny Fisher - Rockin' & Rollin'
  • Charlie Brown - Have You Heard The Gossip
  • Ben Hall - Moo Mama
  • Dean Beard - Time Is Hangin' Heavy On My Hands
  • Jimmy Lee & Wayne Walker - Love Me
  • Bob Luman - Hello Baby
  • Sonny Fisher - Hold Me Baby
  • Frank Starr - Dig Them Squeaky Shoes
  • Johnny Carroll - Stingy Thing
  • Sid King & The Five Strings - Purr Kitty Purr
  • Bob Luman - Stranger Than Fiction
  • Sonny Fisher - Sneaky Pete
  • Johnny Carroll - Cut Out
  • Charlie Brown - Don't Put The Blame On Me
  • Sonny Fisher - Hey Mama
  • Jimmy Heap - Go Ahead On
  • Johnny Carroll - Why Cry
  • Frank Starr - The Dirty Bird Song
  • Johnny Carroll - Crazy Little Mama
  • Bob Luman - In The Deep Dark Jungle
  • Jimmy Lee & Wayne Walker - Love Me (Alt Take)
  • Sonny Fisher - Rockin' Daddy (Alt Take)
  • Sonny Burns - A Real Cool Cat

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Reviewed by The BlackCat, 2006