The Way You Came, Randy Rich & The Poor Boys
Rhythm Bomb RBR 5604

After a break of 3 years Randy Rich & The Poor Boys are back. Founder and lead guitar player Randy Rich lived and played in England and the USA before he reformed his German band Randy Rich & The Poor Boys (originally formed in 1997) in September 2003. The line-up is better than ever. All of the members are able to play a minimum of two instruments. So, eventhough they are a trio, they can create many different styles from 50's country to rockabilly and rock 'n' roll. The band's repertoire consists of a huge 300 titles, 50 of which are self-penned originals.

The trio toured 13 countries in Europe and 20 states of the US and made a big bunch of fans. Heights are performances in Hemsby, England and Las Vegas, US. In 1999 the first EP was published on Part Records which was sold out in lest than a year. Different songs have also been published on many compilations. They also backed up rockabilly legends such as Jack Earls, Glenn Honeycutt, Janis Martin and Alvis Wayne.

Recently the first longplayer, titled "The Way You Came", was issued on Rhythm Bomb Records. The album includes two previously unissued songs by Randy's earlier band "The Shakin' Hoppers", recorded in 1996. Some titles (Yellow Flash Rock, Tell Me Why I Never Win, Long Black Hair and Why Do You Break My Foolish Heart) were recorded back in 1999 in Rostock, orginally intended to be released on a 10" vinyl album, but it just never happened. The remaining songs were recorded in August 2003 in Berlin.

The band accomplished to re-create many variations of the original Sun Sound on most of the songs, the sound is as authentic as it can get and will most certainly appeal to the large number of Sun Records fans. One exception is the country boogie song "Big Ben Boogie", which has more 40's sound. Randy explains, it was a product of a sleepless night after a recording session with The Blackwater Valley Boys at Phil en Lynette's house in Aldershot. He had the questionable pleasure of spending the night in the front room, listening to the clock playing the Big Ben melody every 15 minutes. When Randy got up in the morning he figured he could at least get something out of this, and that's how Big Ben Boogie was born.

In general, this debut album is great through it's simplicity. Rockabilly music the way it was intended to be, and dedicated to the man who made it all possible in the first place; Sam Phillips, inventor of rock 'n' roll.

Randy Rich & The Poor Boys are:
Randy Richter - Lead Guitar, Vocals, Piano
Michael Kielas - Bass, Vocals, Drums
Martin Viahn - Drums, Rhythm Guitar

Contact information:
Randy Richter
Hanstedt 3
Phone: +49 (0)4434 918992 

Rhythm Bomb Records
P.O. Box 130152
27466 Cuxhaven

Reviewed by The BlackCat, 2004