Radiation Bop, The Cordwood Draggers 
El Toro Records ETCD 4011

Sometimes I measure the quality of an album against the fact if I would take it along on a long cruise in my car or a short weekend trip. This new Cordwood Draggers CD would pass this simple but ingenious selection method without any doubt. In fact, if it sounds good over my cheapo carkit, you're guaranteed to sound good everywhere. There a lot of diversity on this album so you're gonna get real good value for your money. This variety doesn't mean there are any weaker songs on the CD, in fact all songs are equally strong, no leftover material used here to fill in the gaps!

"Honey Honey" opens this album and is one of those great "don't mess with me" songs I like so much, a small remark is that the guitar in this song is mixed in a bit too loud which makes it a little hard to understand all the words. But who cares, it's a damn fine little diddy.

The title song "Radiation Bop" is a tribute to the flying saucer hype back in the fifties and if you enjoyed those pulp Scifi movies like I did, this song makes you want to go to the movie theatre and catch one of those cultmovies again (or slip one in yer DVD player). Track nr. 7 "For Allways", could have been a dreamy Chris Isaak song. Minimal guitar notes but drowned in reverb and echo, a steady strumming acoustic, a cool walking bass and ooow's and aaah's by the Roomates support Mick's laid back voice perfectly.

The overall quality of the studio recordings are extremly high and immediatly gives you that "fifties" feeling the moment you play the first song and that pleasant feeling lasts untill the final song ends. There's also a word of appreciation for the great coverart, well done!

I would give this release five stars without any doubt, if there wasn't this little out of tune glitch at the very end of track #12: "Mr. Plane". C'mon guys, I know studio time is expensive but you could've repaired that? Oww what the heck, here's Five Stars for this one!


Honey Honey / I Missed You / Simmer Down / Don't Tease Me / Radiation Bop / Shake her Shack / For Always / Flipside Mama / Knock, Knock Rock / I stole Today / Write my Baby a Letter / Hey Mr Plane / That's when it all went Wrong / Rock and Roll On

The Cordwood Draggers are:
Mike Cocksedge - Vocals & Rhythm Guitar
Big Ed Potter - Lead Guitar, Steel Guitar
Jose Espinosa - Bass Fiddle
Johnny Heriba - Percussion
The Roomates - Backing Vocals

Contact & bookings:
For bookings call Big Ed Potter
United Kingdom +44 078 8549 2294


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P.O. Box 220
Pineda 08397
Tel & Fax +34 937 660 117


Reviewed by Uncle_B, 2005