Caution! Race Car In Town, Peter Wave & The Silver Arrows
Goofin' Records GRS-607

Peter Wave & The Silver Arrows originate from the subs of Finland's capitol Helsinki. Some of the guys are well known for their previous work with bands as "The Wanglers" and "The Agents". The bands has recently released their first platter on Goofin' Records, titled "Caution! Race Car In Town, 4 Racin' Instrumental Laps". Three out four tracks were written by Peter Wave himself.

The Silver Arrows play a mix of rockabilly, hot rod and surf, all instrumental, all with a twang and a great asset for fans of guitar instrumentals, although the bluesy track "Cruisin' Gal With High Heeled Shoes" is a bit slow for tatste. All tracks were recorded in 2005 at the Voice Studio of Lake Forest, and at Editroom by E. Mäemets. The CDEP comes in a slip cover with some real gone race cars on the front and back cover (designed by Salo).

Silver Arrows Stomp / Theme From Lady Luck / Race Car In Town / Cruisin' Gal With High Heeled Shoes

Peter Wave & The Silver Arrows are:
Peter Wave - Guitars
T.J. Ludwig - Drums
Morgan Newhouse - Bass (Lap 2 & 3)
J.J. Footstone - Bass (Lap 1 & 4)
Matt B. Mussell - Hand Claps

Contact information:
Goofin' Records & Music
Hämeentie 46
00500 Helsinki
Phone: +358 9 773 3113

Reviewed by The BlackCat, 2005