Psycho Attack Over Poland, Various Artists
Jimmy Jazz records, JAZZ 064

Psycho Attack Over Poland (The Best of Polish Psychobilly and Rockabilly) is the first compilation of the most interesting native psychobilly and rockabilly acts in Polish music history. Among the performers are well-known, popular groups, pioneers of this genre in Poland (Partia, Stan Zvezda, Komety) as well as newcomers (Plastic Stars, The Tazsos, Buzz Astral, Pavulon Twist, 150 Watts, the Obibox, Flymen).

Also included are groups, whose repertoires contain songs in the psychobilly and rockabilly convention (Mitch and Mitch, Headhunters). Most of the selections on this album have been recorded especially for this compilation and are completely new. The producer of 'Psycho Attack Over Poland' is Komety and Partia leader Leslaw. Follow-up compilations are planned in future.

  1. Komety - Krzywe Nogi
  2. Flymen - Night Stomp
  3. Pavulon Twist - Szpital Psychiatryczny
  4. Stan Zvezda - James Dean
  5. Parti - Skillshot
  6. Plastic Stars - Nie Wiesz Dokad Isc
  7. De Tazsoz - Ludzie Koty
  8. Headhunters - Tylko Zadzwon
  9. Partia - Oskar Hell
  10. Skarpeta - Aerozol
  11. Buzz Astral - Ona Ma
  12. Komety - Lonely Sky
  13. The Obibox - Rockabilly Kid
  14. Pavulon Twist - Poczatek Wolnosci
  15. Mitch & Mitch - 20 Eyes
  16. 150 Watts - To Miasto Nie Zasnie
  17. Komety - Tak Mi Zle

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