Hot Sauce, The Prowlers 
Cherokee CHER-CD 104107

The Prowlers come from Grimsby on the East coast of England and have been playing the rockin' circuit for many years now, although the band itself is relatively new. The Prowlers came together as a band after spending the last 15 years playing for other well known Rockabilly acts such as The Riot Rockers, The Blue Devils, The Rockets and The Blue Dots - to name just a few. However, they continuously found themselves disillusioned with the safety playing cover versions, when they were writing so many songs they felt they should be playing and recording. So they got together to realize what is known as The Prowlers - and what turned out to be a great band project. Their debut album entitled "Watch Out For The Prowlers" was released on Tune'a'Fish Records last year.

With their second album release on Cherokee Records, the Prowlers again prove their skills as songwriters and musicians - and that they have reached the goal they have set themselves: keeping rockabilly real! The new CD album "Hot Sauce" contains 16 previously unreleased songs, 12 of which were written by the Prowlers themselves, most of them by their lead singer and guitarist, Paul "Greggs" Gregory. Their style is unique and stands out from the mass of contemporary Rockabilly bands. Their musical influences range from Hank Williams and 50s rockabilly through early neo rockabilly.

A rich tradition of British rockabilly comes rocking into your livingroom when you put this platter in the machine. A quick look at the leopard-skin cover promises some Teddy Boy influences, and you will not be disappointed. "Mr. Hangman" drags in with a Cavan style intro and a raving crazy rhythm bass, followed - in the same tempo - by "Twenty Days A Drunk". Picking up speed with a marvellous bopper titled "Restless", the catching slap rhythm and lead solo will knock you right off your feet.

The uptempo country sweeper "Dead Reckoning" is next, a clear lead guitar and Greggs sad voice is sure to touch your rockabilly heart. You can do some Indian footstomping on "Reservation Rock" or really swing your hips at Billy Emerson's "Red Hot", played even faster than Billy Lee Riley did in 1957. Then listen to Woody Guthrie's folksong "Lonesome Traveller" and feel the shivers rolling down your spine.

Another self-penned Prowlers' song is "Just A Fool", a bopper with some real cool guitar licks. Then comes the title track "Hot Sauce", with the accuracy of The Shadows, the rhythm of Crazy Cavan and the ingenuity of the Rapiers, this is one hell of an instrumental. And if that ain't enough, the changing rhythms of "Drunk Girl" will surely get your feet moving. Dennis Herrold's "Hip Hip Baby" sound as great as ever and the slow rocker "Blind Drunk" is a welcome change in pace, again with great guitar wizardry by Paul Gregory. The boppable country rocker "Back To Texas" is followed by the closest thing to a ballad on this platter, "I Ain't Bothered Anymore".

If you liked "Drunk Girl" like I do, you won't mind another (alternative) version of this Prowler's orginal. The closing act of this 16-track album is "On The Loose", with yet another fast paced rhythm and driving slap bass. Growing up in the seventies with Crazy Cavan, Flying Saucers and Riot Rockers, wearing drapes and creepers, you already noticed that I really dig this album, I bet you will too. Great British Teddy Boy rockabilly.
Let's grab a beer and play it again!

Current line-up:
Paul "Greggs" Gregory - Vocals & Guitar
Robert "Rockin' Rob" Thomas - Lead Guitar
Guy "Triggsley" Trigg - Double Bass
Simon "Coppz" Coppin - Drums

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Reviewed by The BlackCat, 2001