Pride Dan... Lucky Cupids
Nika Records, CD 060

The Lucky Cupids hail from Slovenia and were formed in 1994, they play mainly 50's style rockabilly music, mixed with a bit of swing, surf, and uptempo rhythm & blues and country & western. With their temperamental show, they are known to drive crowds crazy all over Slovenia, and now they are crossing the borders to the rest of Europe. Their first self produced demo CD "Red Hot Rock-A-Billy" contained a wide variety of 50s and early sixties rockabilly and rock 'n' roll covers, US and European, like Elvis Presley, Glen Glenn, Vince Taylor, Johnny Kidd, Stray Cats and many more. They landed a record deal with the Slovenian Nika label in 1999. Their debut album "Pride Dan" (which translates as something like "Come The Day") is also the first and only rockabilly project in Slovenia and almost all the songs are in Slovene.

Roy Williams (Nervous Records) wrote about this album: "Really good Eurobilly from Slovenia, with excellent production, loads of oomph and that 'sweeping' guitar sound. Mostly sung in Slovene, but don't let that put you off. This is an excellent CD from The Lucky Cupids". And Roy is quite right. The languange takes some getting used to, but the music and production are very professional. Elvis Presley's "Little Sister" (Moja Sestra Nebi) actually sounds pretty cool in a language from which I can hardly understand a word. It's nice to hear "Tainted Love" revived once again. Originally a pop hit for Soft Cell in 1981, it was covered and turned into a rockabilly classic by Dave Phillips & The Hot Rod Gang the very next year. A marvelous cover version of what sounds like Billy Fury's "Wondrous Place" (Zacaran Sem) is still echoing in my head. Most songs on this album are written or translated to Slovene by singer Andrej Rudolf. The lyrics are all included in a nice 16 page booklet that comes with the CD. I figure we haven't heard the last from this band, keep your eyes and ears open, they might just pop up at a gig or weekender near you!

Pride Dan - Ker Ti Ne Ves - Kaksna Je Ta Zenska - Moja Sestra Nebi - Nina 6.U Mislik Si Mi Ti - Ne Morem Brez Nje - Zacaran Sem - Men Je Cist Useen - Tainted Love - Show Business Je O.K. - Mexicali Baby

The Lucky Cupids are:
Andrej Rudolf - Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
Matevz Carnelutti - Lead Guitar
Ales Kolar - Double Slap Bass
Grega Zamljen Usenik - Drums

Information and bookings:
Andrej Rudolf
Veliki VRH 67
1293 Smarje SAP


Reviewed by The BlackCat, 2002