Play It Again... Sam, The Vegas Valentinos
One Big Tomata Records OBT080904

Exactly fifty years ago to the day that the Hillhilly Cat recorded "That's All Right Mama" at SUN, The Vegas Valentinos entered that same building and recorded the same song. Okay, the idea itself is not a stroke of genius, as almost everyone within a 500 mile radius of Memphis has recorded it. However, most versions slick very closely to the SUN version as recorded by Elvis P., while the highly individualistic Vegas Valentinos version gives it a new lease on life. One wonders what Sam Phillips would have thought of this version, but taking his personal credo into account ("Be different!"), we feel fairly confident that he would have approved. It stands on it's own as much as the versions by Arthur "Big Boy" Crudup and Elvis do... and it Rocks. Just try and sit still while listening to this!

"Snatch It Back"  is a nod to the other King, B.B., and once again it displays the hoys' originality while at the same time displaying their strong, affinity for R&B. Their disciplined and controlled playing on this song also shows that there is more to the Vegas Valentines than the "fun" element. This is truly an exceptional band.

"The Worryin Kind"  is also a song that basically belongs to the R&B idiom, and is best known through the versions by Ronnie Dawson, Robert Gordon and Tommy Sands. The V.V. version is an unusual hybrid of tough, ass-kickin' R&B and traditional country. It's weird, it's unusual, it's different.. . but somehow they make it work.

"These Walls"  was a spur of the moment composition and performance. The boys' felt humbled in these legendary surroundings. and with some studio time still left, they decided to give this one a go. With only their emotions scribbled down on the back of a napkin, the boy's left the studio with a solid rockabilly tribute to SUN studios and the man behind it. Sam C. Phillips.

"Trying To Get To You"  is the only song not recorded at SUN by the V.V.'s. This performance is taken from the boys' live show at Graceland Plaza early that same afternoon. It's rough, but off the mixing board, no holds barred. Scotty's powerful voice and the bands tight playing are a joy to listen to.

The BONUS video is by Michael Dennigerio. It captures the V.V.s on the road and various venues. This is for the multi-media fans among you. We feel the material that the band recorded at SUN is a good representation of what the Vegas Valentines are all about, and we hope you'll enjoy this Enhanced CD at least as much as we did recording it.

The Vegas Valentinos are:
Scotty "Two Times" Casino - Vocals
Johnny "The Inferno" Tropicana - Lead Guitar
Bobby "The Blind" Venetian - Bass
Joey "Da Wrench" Bellagio - Drums, Percussion

Michael "The Magician" Denningerio
Arjan "The Producer" Deelen

"Sam was a man with a vision... One day, I hope to have vision"
-- Blind Bob --

Contact information:
Vegas Valentinos
P.O. Box 29
Whitman, MA 02382


Write up by Arjan Deelen (producer), 2004