Streamline, Pikey Butler's Jumpin' Five
Chaud Time Records, CTR-2004

Diggin' the roots of rhythm' n' blues, Pikey Butle's new CD "Streamline" presents you with 15 orginal compositions, all written by Pikey and inspired by 40s and 50s swing and rhythm & blues. Pikey Butler's Jumpin' Five is a five piece professional band that tours all year round in France and is itching to spread its wings further afield, elswhere in Europe, United States, Japan, etc...

Pikey was involved in rhythm & blues for many years. Five years as singer and songwriter of the U.K.'s "Darts", singer bassplayer with the "Sitting Ducks" and "The Electric Bluebirds", bassist on tour with Lowell Fulson, producer of the female acapella group "Mint Juleps", musical director of the show "Buddy Holly At The Regal" (in which he also starred alongside actor David Thewlis) and co-musical director of the musical "Yakety yak" in collaboration with Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller.

This goes to prove that Pikey didn't discover this music yesterday, and singing and swinging comes as natural to him as breathing in and out. New songs, arrangements and fiery improvisations characterise this swinging quintet who delight in delving into the rich and raunchy legacy of 40s 50s rhythm & blues to fuel their very own rockin' rollercoaster.

"Rhythm is our business" quotes Pikey who finds inspiration in the humour and effortless swing of Louis Jordan and Slim Gaillard as well as admiring the vivid imagery and percussive drive of Chuck Berry's song-writing where melody, lyrics and rhythm are inseparable. Other heroes include Ray Charles, Joe Turner and the countless artists from the many obscure vintage labels specialising in Black America's raw undiluted dirty dance music. Yes, we're talking about the roots of rock 'n' roll before over-amplification and mass hype where the jazzmen got low-down and dirty with the sweating dancers and the jumpin' boogie beat.

Pikey Butler's Jumpin' Five are:
Peter 'Pikey' Butler - Vocals, Double Bass
Michel Pronost - Guitar, Backing Vocals
Philippe Guennou - Tenor Sax, Backing Vocals
Erwan Le Bousse - Drums, Screams
Sylvain Duthuillé - Piano, Hammond Organ

Be Lucky / Economical (With The Truth) / Minor Melody / French Girl / Streamline / Get Her Off My Mind / Full Moon Party / Nightclub (After Hours) / Like A Flame / Twin Boy Boogie / Suddenly / Why? / Jackpot! / Rollercoaster / When You Get The Blues

Information, bookings & CD orders:
Pikey Butler's Jumpin' Five
30 rue Louis Pasteur
29000 Quimper
Phone: +33 (0)298 646 597 

Courtesy of Pikey Butler, 2004