Everybody Needs To Rock, Phil Haley & His Comments
Preston Records, Australia

Just two weeks ago I was visiting my friend Wild Bob Burgos in Devon, UK. On Saturday night he was booked for a gig which we were gonna attend. Bad luck, just late that afternoon, the gig was cancelled and there we were, all revved up and no place to go! Bob phoned a friend, rock 'n' roll DJ Slim Jim, to find out if anything was going on in the region that night. A lucky strike, because Slim Jim was gonna spin the wax in a local club in Plymouth where a band named Phil Haley & His Comments was billed for the night.

And so we went on our way to Plymouth, all ready to rock 'n' roll. We met up with Slim Jim, a very nice guy and a keen DJ as well. The band was already setting up gear and we got acquainted with Phil, Allen, Martyn and Brian, a very friendly bunch. And when they got on stage to do their thing, we got knocked off of our feet right away. All dressed up like Bill Haley's original band, the boys were looking very sharp. And boy did they rock! Fantastic musicians, all four of 'em, and excellent showmen too. I must say I really enjoyed that wild rock 'n' roll show!

Phil Haley & His Comments, Plymouth Sept. 2007

I learned they had an album and an EP out, which I'm playing as I'm typing this write-up, containing a collection of Bill Haley covers and a few of the band's own songs. Superb recordings, Phil doesn't only look like Bill Haley, he sounds like him too. These albums are surely worth adding to your rock 'n' roll collection, but if you ever get a chance, you MUST see these guys live on stage!

Yours Truly, DJ Slim Jim & Wild Bob Burgos, Plymouth Sept. 2007

Phil Haley & His Comments started 10 years ago, since then they have played every major rock 'n' roll venue in the UK as well as playing in Germany, France, Holland, Switzerland, Finland, Norway, Spain and Australia. They have 2 CD's out at the moment, "Everybody Needs To Rock" and a 4 track EP "Talk To Me", both on the Australian Preston label.

BlackCat & Allen Paris

Ready, Rock, Action!!

Phil Haley & His Comments are:
Phil Haley - Guitar, Vocals
Martyn Savage - Upright Bass, Backing Vocals
Allen Paris - Saxophone, Backing Vocals
Brian Nicholls - Drums

Tracklisting "Everybody Needs To Rock":
Everybody Needs To Rock / Collette / Burn That Candle / Little Piece Of Heaven / Paris Boogie / Hot Dog Buddy Buddy / Mr Boogie / Is That The Time / Can't Stop Me From Dreaming / Hey Pretty Baby / Rock The Comments Boogie / Dim Dim The Lights / Honey Jive / Rock 'N' Roll Party

Tracklisting "Talk To Me":
Talk To Me, Be-Bop, Alley Cat, Baby Loves Rockin' It

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Reviewed by The BlackCat, 2007