3 superb albums by Pete Hutton & The Beyonders 
Rhythm Bomb Records

It's been a while since I was last raving about Pete Hutton and his Beyonders. Almost four years to be exact, but Pete has most certainly not been taking it easy. On the contrary, recently 3 new albums have been released. I got demos of "Back With A Vengeance" and "Such A Mystery" quite a while ago and I told Pete he should get them released, because these are fabulous productions. And so he did, although it took a while to get it all arranged, but finally Pete send me 3 new albums, all released on Rhythm Bomb Records.

After a first great rock 'n' roll album "Once Bitten Twice Shy" and the fantastic Elvis Presley tribute "Kingsville", Pete & His Beyonders are Back With A Vengeance! Pete's fabulous voice and the superb musicianship of the band are still Such A Mystery! Each and every song touches your heart. Remember what I wrote in the Kingsville review?

"Pete's voice sounds as much like Elvis as Ral Donner did, so maybe now we should now wait for Pete to do a tribute to the ever great Ral Donner too. That would be a treat as well."

Well, whether he did it as a favor to me, or because he simply agreed with me, or because he's also a fan of Ral Donner, on "Such A Mystery" Pete recorded Ral's "Will You Love Me In Heaven", and it sounds fantastic!

"Back With A Vengeance" contains 11 selfpenned songs and 1 cover (I Ain't Gettin' Rid Of You by Tommy Sands) and "Such A Mystery" packs 8 new songs and 4 renditions of songs by Buddy Holly, Ral Donner, Elvis Presley and Janis Martin. Both albums are a treat for your ears.

Back With A Vengeance (Rhythm Bomb RBR5639)
Back With A Vengeance / Cry Of The Lonely / I Ain't Gettin' Rid Of You / I Got Even With You / Left Handed Gun / Lying Game / Mama Said / She's Mean & She's Evil / The Nites Still Young / Rock Bop / Strangest Feelin' / Wild Lover

Such A Mystery (Rhythm Bomb RBR5640)
Such A Mystery / More Than Forever / Baby Won't You Come Out / Evil Eye / It's Not Enough / Pretty & Blonde / Blind Fury (Instrumental) / Together Forever / The Beast In Me / One More Step / I Don't Wanna Be Tired / Bang Bang

Pete's latest release is titled "Lone Wolf". A brand new and utterly fantastic rock 'n' roll album that hits off with the selfpenned title song "Lone Wolf" in a hard rocking way. Of course, with a voice like Pete's, you just gotta do some Elvis Presley tributes, and "Kissin' Cousins" sounds scaringly much like the King himself.

"I've Been Missing" is one of Pete's own, one that goes right into your heart. "Vigilante" is a catchy British style instrumental (The Cougars come to mind). The off beat rhythms of "Kitten With Cat Claws" make it a different kind of song and adds to the variety of music on this album. "She's My Baby" is another great tribute to Ral Donner, and after the succes of Pete's Batman song, here's another wink at a comic hero "Spider Man".

I'm skipping some tracks 'cause there are 17 of 'em all together! Elvis' "Frankfurt Special" is a great showcase for Pete's vocal capabilities, and I'm personally very fond of Dick Dale's "Miserlou". The album is closed with an alternate version of the beutiful title song "Lone Wolf". Yet another great collection of songs by a tremendous singer and a fantastic band. Check out the beautiful CD label, which is NOT the standard Rhythm Bomb label.

The Beyonders are:
Malcolm Chapman - Lead Guitar
Lance Larsen - Drums
Peter Hutton - Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
Richard Barwell - Piano
Mick Wigfall - Double Bass

Lone Wolf (Rhythm Bomb RBR5640)
Lone Wolf / Kissin' Cousins / I've Been Missing / Vigilante / Kitten With Cat Claws / She's My Baby / Bad Bad Boy / Spider Man / Tiny Feet / Frankfurt Special / Nobody's Guy / Hocus Pocus / I Don't Need You No More / Misirlou / Lonely Angel / Reecie / Lone Wolf (Alternate Version)

Contact information:
Peter Hutton
3 Brightside Ave.
Staines, Middlesex
TW18 1NE England

Reviewed by The BlackCat, 2008