Pedal To The Metal, The Accelerators
Raucous Records, RAUCD 099

The Accelerators are a four-piece rockin' band that hail from the east coast of Scotland. The origins of the band dates back to three years when Big Al McCubbin started working along-side Sonny Boy Smith. The guys immediately struck up a friendship and were soon discussing their own musical influences, which were primarily American roots music.

A jamming session was eagerly set in motion and it wasn't too long before the guys decided to get rockin' and form a band. The big problem was getting hold of a guitarist that could play the music they loved. Hallelujah! A friend was there to lend a helping hand, a DJ within the rockin' music scene and he passed on the name of the gifted Junior Burnette, a frustrated rocker waiting to unleash his talents on the world. The last piece of the jigsaw was all that remained, but thankfully proved to be the easiest to complete. Frank "Stix" Kosiba, an out-of-work drummer with a proven musical pedigree and track record to match, conveniently slotted into the vacant rhythm section spot.

Times at first were hard, though still enjoyable with the band playing any musical venues they could obtain work. It wasn't too long before they gained a reputation locally. The next decision was how to obtain work, especially amongst the rockin' populace in the south of England. What were they to do? A debut album was necessary. Right Behind You Baby  was released to critical acclaim in the early summer of 2000 and proved to be a minor catalyst for the band, with them gaining work from respected venues in England and the chance to back established acts like Matchbox.

At present, The Accelerators second album entitled "Pedal To The Metal" on Raucous Records (December 2001) has just been released and is one of which they are proud, it contains nine of their owns songs and clearly displays the versatility and diversity of the band. Since the release of their first CD (RAUCD 059) The Accelerators have broken through the borders of their native Scotland, playing shows as both headliners and support to major artists. "Pedal To The Metal" is a fine mix of original songs and vintage covers, played with a rootsy style which captures the magic of original 50's Rockabilly, but delivered with a rockin' style which is very much their own. This will help establish their name as they venture further afield, with weekenders and European dates already in the pipeline. If you dig the sound of this, get with it daddy and set your foot-a-tapping to the beat of The Accelerators.

Rock On, Steve Sonny Boy Smith

The Accelerators are:
Steve Sonny Boy Smith - Lead Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
Dave junior Burnette - Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals
Alan "Big Al" McCubbin - Upright Bass, Backing Vocals
Frank "Stix" Kosiba - Drums

Contact information:
Stephen Smith
11 Dryburgh Street
Dundee, Scotland
Tel. (UK) 01382 612 446

New CD "Go Baby Go" released 2003