Happy Go Lucky Me, The Paul Evans Songbook
Sanctuary/Castle Music CMRCD715

Paul Evans has spent the major portion of has life "on the charts". From his 1960s Guaranteed Records hits: (He was a teen-age sensation!) to his 1978 Spring Records hit "Hello, This Is Joannie", which reached number 4 on the English "Pop" charts. Paul has written hits for himself as well as for Bobby Vinton (the classic, "Roses Are Red, My Love" which was featured in the hit movie, "Good Fellas"), the Kalin Twins ("When"), Elvis Presley ("I Gotta Know", "The Next Step Is Love" and more), as well as songs for Reba McEntire, Pat Boone, LaVem Baker, The Mello Kings, Frankie Lymon, Fabian, and the Coasters. He has also written his share of commercial jingles, music for industrials and movies and various themes heard on Network television (including the original "CBS This Morning" theme).

Besides being a much appreciated writer, Paul is also a studio- and background singer who has soloed on many a commercial jingle and has been seen and heard on the "David Letterman Show", "As the World Turns", "Guiding Light" and "All My Children". His voice can be heard in the Woody Alien films, "Mighty Aphrodite" and "Everyone Says I Love You". He has produced music tracks for recordings, industrials, jingles and television.

Lately, Paul has performed with Group 5, a vocal jazz group, and is now appearing on the oldies circuit. His CD, "Roses Are Reed, My Love" includes new versions of several of his songs including his hits, "Roses Are Red (My Love)" and "When".

"Happy Go Lucky Me - The Paul Evans Songbook", a CD that
includes Paul's original recordings, his original hit-song demos
and some hard-to-find and never before released tracks, is
available on Sanctuary/Castle Music.

His latest release is "Happy Go Lucky Me - The Paul Evans Songbook" on Sanctuary Records. Elvis clubs have jumped all over the, because it includes the original demos - two that Elvis heard and then recorded ("Something Blue" and "The Next Step Is Love") and two that Elvis was holding at the time of his unfortunate death ("Tender Moments" and "Quiet Desperation").

Since this fantastic CD contains no less than 28 tracks, it's impossible to review each and every song, but I'm gonna pick a few that are very interesting for us rockabilly fans. The album starts with the pop rocker "Wat Do You Know?" (RCA-Victor (1957), followed by a previously unissued track titled "Cry, Baby, Cry", superb rock 'n' roll with great saxes and lead guitars. One sometimes wonders why great songs like this stay on the shelf for so long. Billy Ward's "Sixty Minute man" was also recorded by Paul for Guaranteed Records in 1960 (track 6), and his original recording of "The Midnight Special" from 1959 is also present (track 7).

Track 8 is a fabulous rendition of Sanford Clark's "The Fool", and did you know that Paul also wrote The Kalin Twins' hit "When" (track 16)? Also included are a couple of great tracks from Paul's previous release "I Was A Part Of The 50s" and an extensive 10 minute interview with Stuart Coleman. Besides all the great music, this CD comes with a beautiful poster-booklet with lots of photographs, sheet music covers, label shots and comprehensive liner notes. A fantastic release for all fans of the 50s and 60s, with many never before published (good quality) demos. A must for every rock 'n' roll record collector.

Contact information:
Paul Evans
Box 2282
New York, NY 10021-0055


Reviewed by The BlackCat, 2003
Additional information courtesy of Paul Evans