Pat Cupp - Pat Cupp 
Wild Hare Records HSO5001

In the fall of 2004, Pat Cupp contacted a small, but well known rockabilly label, Wild Hare Records. Pat was looking to record some songs that he had written over the past 40 plus years. You see Pat is a prolific song writer as well as monumental rockabilly star. His epic recording "Long Gone daddy" is one of the best of the genre and Pat's expressive, unique voice makes one set up and take notice.

Pat has not recorded much since 1957, but he has not lost anything in the way that he presents a song. So Pat traveled to Berkeley Springs, WV from his home of Texarkana, Arkansas and recorded 10 great rock 'n' roll classics. The CD is remarkable for many reasons. The first thing that strikes you is Pat's song writing and his varied approach to songs. He is not a one trick pony. On the CD, you will find great rockers right out of the Pat Cupp song book circa 1957; then there are a few hillbilly classics with twangy guitar and great feel; then two bigger than life 1950 ballads full of room reverb and tremolo guitar; then he does some cha cha and even rockin' jump blues as well. All of the songs were recorded in one track takes, Pat is dead on the numbers and the band is all about vintage sound and feel. By the way no electric bass or digital sound here! Pat likes it raw and real, all analog with slap bass and acoustic rhythm guitar too!

Pat's selfpenned "Everthing's Allright" is absolutely amazing. Superb authentic 50's rockabilly the way it was meant to be, listen to this and you'll feel as if you're right back in 1957. Fabulous! And although it's the best opener you could wish for, there is much more to enjoy on this album for the true rockabilly fans. Songs like "Fool, Fool, Fool", "Honky Tonk Heart" and "Get What I'm After" will surely get your old feet moving again. Pat's voice is still great as ever, just listen to the sensitive "How Can I tell You?" and I guarantee shivers down your spine. Oh yes, Pat Cupp is back for sure!!!

A message from Pat:
I would like to thank Wild Hare Records for the Opportunity to record this CD. My motive is not to try and be 18 years old again. I have always believed that you cannot repeat the past. I do believe, however, that this CD reflects the 50's style of music and entertainment; which in my book is ageless. Dave Moore of Wild Hare Records has allowed me to do things my way and I believe there is something for everyone in this CD. Of course, we could not have captured the right sounds without the right musical backing. Many thanks goes to Ace Brown, Johnny Bones and Lance LeBeau, as well as the expert input of Dave and Kiersten Moore of Wild Hare Records.

Everything's Allright / Sweet Lovin' On My Mind / New World / Heavy Load / You Don't Love Me At All / Fool, Fool, Fool / Honky Tonk Heart / Contract With My Baby / How Can I Tell You? / Get What I'm After


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Reviewed by The BlackCat, 2005
Additional information provided by David Moore