Party Tonight, Sneaky Pete & Cool Cats
Ilen Records, 2005

Here comes a burning hot new record from Sweden's rockabilly veterans "Sneaky Pete & Cool Cats". Named after Sonny Fisher's immortal rockabilly song, Sneaky Pete has been around on the rockabilly scene for about 18 years now, so they have certainly earned the title "rockabilly veterans". Over the years they have recorded a number of albums, but they are still mainly a live band. To get the word out that they are still up and rockin', Sneaky Pete has released a 4-track mini-CD, recorded at the band's own Ilen Studio and engineered by lead guitarist Benny Melin. Today's standard in home studio technology makes it possible to reach a high quality level at a reasonable cost. This is the band's first attempt to take things in their own hands, and I think the result is very satisfactory.

The 4 tracks on this platter are all covers, starting with Hayden Thompson's "Party Tonight", which was originally written by Brian Hodgson. I must say that Sneaky Pete's rendition sounds even better than Hayden's London recording from 1990, which was released on the compilation "Rockabilly Hall of Fame, Volume 1" in 1998.

Glenn Barber's "Shadow My Baby" has always been a favorite of mine, and not just for the great lyrics, and this powerful cover version just shows once more what a great song it actually is. Next is Billy Lee Riley's "Flying Saucer Rock 'n' Roll", good job, but this fabulous song has already been covered quite a lot over the years. Same thing goes for "Mean Woman Blues", a rock and roll song written by African American songwriter, Claude Demetrius. It was recorded by Elvis Presley as part of the soundtrack for his 1957 motion picture "Loving You". It was also recorded by Jerry Lee Lewis that same year, and in 1963 Roy Orbison did one of the best versions of the song that went to No. 5 on the Billboard Hot 100 music charts. Still, I'm very pleased with the way Sneaky Pete handles it: rough, tough and loud !!!

A tip from Sneaky Pete: "Mix together with lots of ice and shake all night. Grab a partner and enjoy the tasteful flavour of Sneaky Pete on the rocks. Feel free to try out different levels of increased volume, but remember... always keep cool.

This CD will not be available on the regular market, it will only be sold at shows. This limited edition is intented as a forerunner to a future full length CD.

Sneaky Pete & Cool Cats are:
Peter Karlsson - Vocals, Guitar
Benny Melin - Lead Guitar, Webmaster
Mats Karlsson - Upright Bass
Markus Andersson - Drums
Björn Karlsson - Piano
Tommy Widén - Guitar

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Reviewed by The BlackCat, 2005