Tunes From The Bighouse, Nosey Joe & The Pool Kings
Heptown Records HTR034

Pressrelease, used with permission:
Nosey Joe & The Pool Kings’ second release "Tunes from the Bighouse" sets the band straight at the top of the scene. With an outstanding rhythm section and its deep roots, this nine piece band is really showing what's what as they deliver hit on hit. Mean, bad-ass covers such as "Sapphire" by Big Danny Oliver to Scatman Crothers version of "Ghost riders in the sky" are blended into an explosive cocktail with their on material. Nosey Joe & The Pool Kings are reaching to the roots of music and with Lil' Linn’s guest appearance on the duet "Knock Knock" they have already set their mark in history. This great mix of swing, rhythm & blues and rock & roll really takes us on a wild ride.

This band is packed with talent. Ubbe Rydeslätt, Nosey Joe's frontman, unsheats his talents as great singer and skilled writer. As former member of Snakepit Rebels he spent quite some time in the well-known "Abbey Road" studio. But that’s not all, guitar player Totte, played on The Go Getters’ debut record and bassist Mika is originally from Knock-Out Greg and the Blue Weather. The band is further backed by the infamous Johnny Blue Orchestra’s awesome brass section. However brilliant the album is, Nosey Joe & The Pool Kings should absolutely be experienced live. This band totally overwhelms its audiences with a sound from the old times remade for the scene of today. Nosey Joe & The Pool Kings contributed with one song to the soundtrack of the new Danish movie "Boys and Girls Dance", which have had its première in the Scandinavian movie theatres last March.

Time for a review:
I read the pressrelease of this new album, so I was delighted to get this CD in my hands and hear it for myself. I am sorry to say that I was a bit disappointed by this new album. Of course there are some good tracks on this album, but it doesn't get me excited. My major problem here is that I don't like the sound of the voice of Ubbe Rydeslätt, say Nosey Joe himself, but that's my personal opinion. To get to the music, and that's what it is all about, it sounds like a fourties Big Band with great influences from the fifties Rock 'n' Roll era with Swing and Rhythm & Blues. There is a touch of Brian Setzer Orchestra in some of the tracks, especially in number two "Drink", which you can compare a little with "Switchblade 327". "Oh Whee" is a song that has a great Boogie Woogie feel, set this against "Knock Knock", a real twenties tune (and a duet with Lil' Linn) it is a complete different musicstyle. The songs that are good for the dancers are "4 Girls", "Jitterbug Rag" and, a little slower, "Bongo Boogie" and of course the Charlton-like "Knock Knock". What I like most of this album is the brass-section, the rest is a bit too flat for me. It is not the Big Band I expected, sorry...

Sapphire / Drink / Oh Whee / Leave Your Blues / Knock Knock / Ghost Riders In The Sky / 4 Girls / Much Later / A Girls Advice / Jitterbug Rag / There Was A Man / Bongo Boogie / Mexican Night

The musicians are:
Ubbe R. - Vocals
Totte B. - Guitar
Mika S. - Bass
Matts W. - Drums
David L. - Trompet
Joel L.- Piano
Björn D. - Tenor Saxophone, Clarinet
Lasse J. - Alto Saxophone
Lasse K. - Barytone Saxophone
Lil' Linn - Guest Vocals on "Knock Knock"

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Reviewed by Rockin' Kees, 2008