What's Damn Wrong? The Noisy Boys
Blue Lake Records BLR CD01

What's Damn Wrong? (2003) - Dedicated to overcome all the restrictive stereotypes of the fifties, The Noisy Boys, formed in autumn 1999 in the Lake Geneva region (Switzerland), strive to pass on the fun and authentic energy of more or less obscure songs taken from the vast songbook of the fifties rock 'n' roll and rockabilly. For Laurent, Bob, Alex and Walt this is not a parody nor a caricature. The energy and the pleasure they feel when playing songs of cult heroes like Charlie Feathers, Billy Lee Riley or Jimmy Wages, as well as the worthy exponents of today's rockabilly scene - Eddie & The Flatheads, Phil Trigwell & The Thunderjets, The Sureshots, Wildfire Willie - only make sense to them if shared with an audience. 100% pure affection, efficiency, and total dedication to recreate the spirit of a time when the kids discovered the electrification of music... that The Noise Boys.

All tracks on the Noisy CD's were recorded absolutely live, with vintage valve microphones, valve pre-amps, valve optical processors and a vintage tube tape recorder. The sound is just absolutely great, these guys were good a few years ago, they are even better today. Their brand new release "What's Damn Wrong" is packed with uptempo authentic rockabilly music, plus a 15 minute bonus video (Mpeg format), with an introduction of the band, interviews, picture slideshow, studio shots, live performances and nice audience coverage of The Rock-A-Billy Rave. Very well done!

Baby's Mad / Dance The Stroll / Lizzy Lou / Honey, You Talk Too Much / Hep Cat / Dateless Night / I've Got Leavin' On My Mind / What's Damn Wrong / Dear John / Let's Dance / Johnny Valentine / Something Baby / Do The Bop, Bop, Bop


Play Rough (2001) - The first track is titled "If You Love My Woman" and it's a grand opening. A fast rockabilly bopper with hot guitar licks and loud vocals, sure to rock your socks off. Jimmy Wages' original Sun recording "Mad Man" is next on the menu, Jimmy is one of my all time favourites, and these noisy guys do a great tribute with this wild rockabilly song.

It was about time that someone did a good cover of The Lonesome Drifter's "Eager Boy", because this song was disappearing into obscurity and it's one heck of a song to remember, both the orginal as well as this hard driving cover. "Gee Whizz" is picking up more speed again after a slow start, and it's rocking hard all the way from then on. Alton Guyon's "Coffee Baby" is another obscure type of rockabilly, revived pretty damn well. Hold on to your hats cats! Next is Johnny Night's "Rock 'n' Roll Guitar" and this gang even does a better job than The Planet Rockers on "A Night At The Twist And Shout.' Way to go!

Time to slow down and catch your breath with Ronnie Self's "Three Hearts Later", a slow bopper with a greasy slapping bass. Billy Barton's "Keep On Lovin' You" picks up speed again and "Snaggle Tooth Ann" is back, after Darrel Higham (Bob & The Bearcats) and Goin' Ape, now The Noisy Boys are reviving this old classic. Same goes for Billy Lee Riley's "Rock With Me baby", an all time favourite of every rockabilly greaser.

I really don't have any idea who did the original version of "Rock Bop", but it sure rocks and bops, like eveything else on this album. Great guitar break! What seems to be the last track of the album is The Infernos' "Local Boy", a big dance hit at the Hemsby Weekender a few years ago, played with great enthusiasm. And then there's a little surprise at the end of it all, there is no mentioning of a 13th track on the cover, but it's there, a 50 second guitar breakdown to close one fabulous album by this fantastic Swiss rockabilly quartet.

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Reviewed by The BlackCat, 2001-2003