This Train I'm On, Paul Ansell's Number Nine
Alpina Records ALP1932

I don't know why I didn't make a page about Paul Ansell's Number Nine before, I guess I just never got around to it, but I have been a fan of this superb band for quite a long time. I'm not saying I have all their albums, 'cause Paul Ansell is quite productive and I have no idea how many they've made already, but I'm counting 8 in my collection. All of 'em good, great, or better. And this new release is no exeption, 16 tracks, 2 of which also appreared on the self-titled "Number Nine" CD. Paul's awesome voice never ceases to amaze me, the music is warm and chilling at the same time, it crawls under your skin. Fabulous new release on Alpina records from Spain. Oh, and by the way, there's a 3 minute hidden bonus track at the end of the CD, just keep it spinning!

Number Nine formed in 1993. Paul Ansell formed the band after fronting The Blue Rhythm Boys. Smokin' country, rockin' blues, is what this band is really about. Country, they have covered songs by Farron Young, Hank Williams, Johnny Cash, Eddie bond, and blues songs by Soloman Burk, Jimi Hendrix, Charlie Rich, They are a mix of all these music influences and forms, but they don't dilute what they do, they keep true to original feel as they play from the heart and soul. "I wanted to play all the stuff I liked, and not be restricted by what people wanted a rockin' band to play. In '93 the musical boundaries were a lot narrower than now, and playing Hey Joe, or Red Light, was a big no no."

Drawing from the old masters, and playing great songs, they don't sound like a typical rockabilly outfit, they're different. As anyone who has heard or seen them live can testify, they really put on a classy show and Paul Ansell is "Mr. Charisma". The new line up is probably the best so far, and they are in demand all over the world to do live performances. Number Nine have played at some of the best and biggest rockabilly events on the rock 'n' roll scene.

This latest release from Number Nine is a vivid demonstration on just how far Paul Ansell can take his unique understanding and interpretation of the some of the all time greats. With songs penned by himself he also demonstrates his outstanding ability as a songwriter. Alpina Records is firmly 100% behind this outstanding, creative and enigmatic act, and has demonstrated that confidence in signing a two year record deal with Paul Ansell. If you only get to see one live act this year, do yourself a favour and make sure it's Number Nine, I assure you, you will be moved by the magic.

How Could I Help But Love You / Sea Of Heartbreak / I Threw It All Away / Diggin' My Baby / Red Light / The Way I Am / I Wouldn't Want / Jepardy / Sweet And Easy To Love You / Like Mumma And Pappa / You Belong To My Heart / Hey Joe / Sleepwalk Blues / Greenback Dollar / Shout Bucket Blues / For Your Love

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