Next Town, The Mezcal Brothers 

The Mezcal Brothers of Lincoln, Nebraska have been playing their own brand of roots rock and rockabilly for the past five years. Last year the band received the award for recording of the year from radio station KZUM and was mentioned as one of the top rockabilly bands in the country by Goldmine Magazine. The Mezcal Brothers are currently on tour promoting their new album, "Next Town." The album features twelve heartpounding original songs that are sure to get those feet a tappin'.

Over the years The Mezcal Brothers have shared the stage with some of the most well known acts in the country, such as The Blazers, Kim Lenz, Sleepy LaBeef, Lee Rocker, Cave Cat Sammy, Jimmy Thackery, Billy Bacon, Scott Keeton and the Deviants, The Belairs, Big Sandy, Magic Slim, Los Straitjackets, Ronnie Dawson, and the Paladins, who were quoted as saying, "They should change their name to the Fabulous Mezcal Brothers because they are fabulous!" The band members are nothing but entertainers to the very end with their greased up hair, flashy clothes, and some of the wildest stage antics you'll ever see.

Since the Mezcal Brothers last album "Rev It Up", the lead guitarist Mark Simpkins was replaced by Benny Kushner, who apparently also knows his business. The overall sound of this new album is a bit more "authentic" than the previous one, but still with a bite, and this will surely appeal to the rockabilly purists. This is definitly one more hit record for the Mezcals, containing yet another 12 seflpenned originals. The 2 remainig songs are covers of Johnny Horton's "Electrified Donkey" and a splendid rendition of Ronnie Dawson's "Rockin' Bones". The album, by the way, is dedicated to the memory of Ronnie dawson, who sadly passed away last September.

I could easliy go through every track with you, but I won't, coz I think you should listen to it yourself. I'll gladly give it the full 5 stars, for variety, great musicianship, originality as well as authenticity. Just listen to two totally different songs "Throwin' Down" (mean and fast) and the Buddy Holly styled "I'm In Love With You" (cool and touchy). Well done guys, again!

Be My Bad Girl / Spendin' My Money / Can't Lose Somethin' / Next Town / Mr. Train Conductor / The Electified Donkey / 10 To Midnight / Rockin' Bones / Throwin' Down / I'm In Love With You / Hang The Blame / Do It Sexy / Heat Up My Hotrod

The Mezcal Brothers are:
Gerardo Meza - Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
Charlie 'Fireball' Johnson - Upright Bass
Donald 'Deuce' Burbach - Drums
Benny Kushner - Lead Guitar

Booking & information:
The Mezcal Brothers
1544 So. 20th St. #2
Lincoln, NE 68502
Phone: +1 (402) 476-3729 

Reviewed by The BlackCat, 2004