New Set Of Rules, The Jime 
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Well, what can I say about Vince Gordon and The Jime that I haven't said before over the years? The man and his music are one. Vince wouldn't be anybody if he didn't have his music, and rockabilly music wouldn't be the same if it didn't have Vince Gordon. He can play just about any instrument, although he seems most fond of his Gretsch guitar. He writes great music with lots of variety, ranging from ballads that creep under your skin, to hot 'n' wild rockabilly and just about everything in between.

It's been a couple of years since the last Jime CD, but good work needs time and it was worth the wait. The band has had a five star recommendation before with their CD "It's Still Rock 'n' Roll To Me", and I'm happy to grant them all 5 out of 5 stars again for this new release. In fact I think it's even better, more matured, but without losing any rockabilly authenticity. From the crispy opener "How Could I Tell", past the slow slapping "London Town", across the bluesy "A Little More Time" and the Johnny Cash style "I Had Enough", on to the sensitive country rocker "Closer To The End" (lyrics included on the inside cover), all the way down to raw and greasy rockabilly bopper "I'm Still Around", the Jime will raise the hairs in your neck time and time again.

Vince wrote all 16 songs himself, he plays the majority of the instruments, and he also signs for production and engineering. There's only one word that comes to mind: RESPECT! Just go for it!

How Could I Tell / London Town / A Little More Time / I Had Enough / Break It Down / Can't Forget / Don't Tell Me What I Want / New Set Of Rules / Till End Of Time / Take This Heart / From Day To Day / I'm All Right Now / Where The River Flows / I Want You To Know / Closer To The End / I'm Still Around

The Jime is:
Vince Gordon - Guitar, Vocals, Piano, Double Bass, Drums
Jan 'Sticks' Frifelt - Drums, Backing Vocals
Dave Stevens - Double Bass (Track 9 + 14)
Bjarne Christensen - Double Bass (Track 4)

Vince Gordon passed away in 2016, please visit his tribute page:

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Reviewed by The BlackCat, 2007