There's a new Miss Rhythm in Town, Little Rachel
El Toro Records R&B 203

They call her Little Rachel because she is only five feet tall, but this petite package packs quite a punch! Little Rachel exploded on to the 1950's rockin' scene in 2000, alongside her sister Caroline, as the exuberant Austin, Texas-based rockabilly duo, "The Casey Sisters". This is the first line in the bio of Rachel Fenton, AKA Little Rachel, AKA as Lil'Rachel Casey, one of the notorious Casey Sisters (Crazy Spree - Tail CD). I nicked this excerpt from Rachel's official biography. Wanna read more? CLICK HERE.

This is Little Rachel's second CD, and it is recorded completely in Barcelona, Spain. Backed up by the fabulous Lazy Jumpers , Little Rachel delivers a superb fifties style rhythm & blues album. Filled with all original songs, (most have been written by Rachel herself, two songs by the lovely Eva Eastwood and four songs contributed by Lazy Jumper Mario Cabo), this CD turns out to be a great hommage to the fifties blues era. Little Rachel understands the noble art of writing a song very well, which is demonstrated immediatly in the first track, "Bartender Baby" which is about a freeloading barfly, or the funny "Hey Big Boy" in track two.

A good blues album stands or falls with presence of a stringpicker who not only knows his scales, licks and chords but also knows how to put his soul into his instrument and let it do the talking for him. Mario Cabos definitly is one of those players that can imprint his entire guts onto his fabulous licks. Listen to "It's Allways a Blonde", I know I shouldn't make comparisons, but in this case it's meant as a compliment, this song reminds me a bit of Lou Ann Barton in her Double Trouble period, complete with SRV like guitar. Love it! Time to catch my breath with "Broken", a slow minor blues with tormented vocals and a haunted guitar. On with the swinging, tongue in cheek "Bullriding Mama". My kinda song: naughty!!

Wel, what can I say? If you love the blues, buy this album, you won't be dissapointed for a moment, every song is a gem! Little Rachel is a great singer/songwriter and a hell of a performer. Backed up by a top jump blues act like The Lazy Jumpers, you can't go wrong. This can only be topped by going to a Little Rachel live show when she is honoring your local bluesjoint with a visit.

Bartender Baby / Hey, Big Boy / It's always a Blonde / Broken / Bull Ridin' Mama / Get on the right Track / Give up honey / I may be trouble / Keep on Movin' / New miss rhythm in Town / Panic Attack / Please Quit me baby / Take This Love and Bury it / Talk to Me / plus bonus track: The Lazy Jumpers - Mr.Advice

The Musicians:
Little Rachel - Vocals
Mario Cabo - Guitar
Ivan Kovacevic - Upright Bass
Blas Picon - Percussion, Harmonica

Guests musicians:
David Giorcelli - Piano
Dani Perez - Saxophones

Bookings and information:
Little Rachel
6503 Lee's Summit Road
Kansas City, MO 64136 USA
Phone: +1 (816) 809-0917 

Reviewed by Uncle_B, 2007