All The Way Home, Nate Gibson & The Gashouse Gang
Cow Island Music (CIM002)

Nate Gibson and the Gashouse Gang are back in the New England country and rockabilly fold and Cow Island Music is proud to present their new studio album, "All the Way Home." This new collection of bops and boogies effectively captures the raw excitement of their live show and also the witty personalities that make Gibson and the Gang such likeable characters both on and off the stage.

The gang formed in 2001 and released their debut CD with the vocal assistance of local cowboy icon Rex Trailer, of Boomtown fame, and also the King of the Yodelers, Kenny Roberts. The group toured and promoted for two years but went their separate ways in 2004. Specifically, Gibson embarked upon a lengthy research project to uncover the history of Starday Records with the label President and Co-Founder, Don Pierce.

Upon completion of the research for that book, Gibson reassembled the Gang and began writing new material. And now, Cow Island Music is proud to release the Gang's much anticipated follow-up album, All the Way Home. Much like their first CD, "All the Way Home" includes several original tunes, inspired by Nate's employers (as a trolley tour driver in Boston and a people greeter at Wal-Mart), crappy hunting dogs and also truck driving, but this time the Gang has also uncovered and then covered several obscure gems from the Starday catalogue. Another cover of note is the title track, "All the Way Home," Gibson and the Gang's rockin' country version of Spinal Tap's first ever song.

The Gashouse Gang responsible for the good rockin' is Jeffrey Herring on guitar (also in the Two Timin' Three), the late Jon Johnson on the upright bass (Lenny and the Piss-Poor Boys, Bourbonaires) and Tommy Long's percussion (Dogmatics). Also heard on the record is the steel guitar sliding of Rich Gilbert (Frank Black, Blackstone Valley Sinners, Uncle Tupelo), the piano plunking of Steve Toebes (Bombastics), the sweet vocals of Stumbleweeds front woman Lynnette Lenker, the not-so-sweet vocals of Kevin Stevenson (Shods, Dragsville USA) and some trumpet blowing by Gibson himself.

After releasing and promoting the first ever records of country music legends George Jones, Willie Nelson, Jimmy Dean, Roger Miller, Dottie West and countless others (as well as reviving the careers of Cowboy Copas, Johnny Bond, Red Sovine and the Stanley Bros. to name a few), Don Pierce wrote the intro/intermission/outro and liner notes to All the Way Home to help promote Gibson's new record and their book. And though it likely won't sell as well as the Starday label's many hits. Cow Island Music is pleased as punch to present you with this new platter. We are wildly optimistic about the possibilities! Happy Listening!

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Press release by Cow Island Music, 2007
Used with permission