My Simple Life, Rip Carson
Golly Gee Records GGR 1027

Rip Carson, one of the best voices in the rockabilly scene nowadays released a new outstanding album, which I am enjoying right now. Rip was born in Marshall County, West Virginia. Being a real multi-talent, he sings, plays upright bass, guitar, saxophone, piano, and drums and writes the bulk of the material he records on his albums himself. After moving to San Diego he formed his first authentic rockabilly band, Rip Carson & The Twilighters and was signed to Ronnie Weisser's wellknown Rollin' Rock label. After a couple of years with the Twilighters, Rip now performs as a solo artist, and in the studio as well as on stage Rip is allways surrounded by the best musicians on the scene. Nowadays this crackerjack is recognized all over the world for being the many-sided pro he is. On with his new CD...

I'm very pleased to find out that "My Simple Life" is a collection of great songs, spiced up with different flavors and recorded in a sparkling bright way. The opening track "The Hate Inside Me" is an uptempo rockabilly bopper, co-written by Carson and bassplayer Diffin, great authentic sound and a catchy tune. "All I Ask" is a medium tempo tune with a refined tremolo effect added to the lead guitar and it gives this song a late fifties, early sixties touch. "Sinkin Down" is a minor key song about a broken hearted guy, really totally down and out, who doesn't want to live on. Performed in a high paced train rhythm I'm sure this song will go down very well on stage. Jackie Lee Cochran's "Little Miss Heartbreak" receives an energetic make over. Well sung and well done. Title track "My Simple Life" is a cool mix of rockabilly with a powerful strumming bluesy guitar under the hood. And we're in for a real treat, a magnificent cover of Charlie Feather's "Stuttering Cindy", which alone would make it more than worthwhile to buy this CD! No doubt Charlie would've loved it too! "Happy Heart" is a pleasant, smooth and well arranged song with backing shoo-wap-wap harmonies, almost Platters-style. I picked out just a few, but each and every one of the tracks is well done, brilliantly recorded and taken care of. All in all, a top rank album!

The Hate Inside Of Me / All I Ask / Sinkin' Down / Miss Heartbreak / My Simple Life / Let Me Be / The One I Want / I'll Tell You / That Ain't Enough / Stutterin' Cindy / Poor Me / Keep Movin'/ Happy Heart / I'm Not Free

Rip Carson - Vocals and Guitars
Paul Diffin - Upright Bass
Joe Morin - Lead and Steel Guitar
Michael Faughnan - Drums

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Reviewed by Uncle_B, 2005