Rockin' Chicks & High Speed Rockets, The Muskrats
Foot Tapping Records FT039

The Muskrats first formed in 1993. There's been a few line-up changes on bass and drums over the years, but the first classic line-up consisted of Steve Németh on vocals and guitar, Simon Collins on bass and Simon Ketteridge on drums, who recorded the debut album for Nervous records in 1998 called "The Young and Restless". They also did a lot of gigging around the U.K. including Hemsby, and a tour of Skandinavia in 1999.

Also in 1999 Ellie from the Rhythmaires joined the Muskrats on bass and Tony from the Red Hot Interceptors on drums. The Muskrats backed and supported Ray Campi on his U.K. tour in 2000. As their main influences the band recognizes Eddie Cochran, Benny Joy, John Lee Hooker and Atilla the Hun. Besides their debut album on Nervous, the Muskrats also appear on several compilation albums on Fury, Nervous and ABC. The Muskrats are known as one of the most interesting, entertaining, and resourceful of all current U.K. rockin' outfits today.

Now we write 2005 and The Muskrats have a brand new album out on Foot Tapping Records titled "Rockin' Chicks & High Speed Rockets". An album dedicated to beautiful women everywhere. Starting off with "I Just Wanna Make Love To You", a greasy sleazy smokey barroom blues stomper by Willie Dixon. Track two picks up a little more speed with LaVern Baker's classic rhythm & blues song "Voodoo Voodoo". The mood is set, time to rock!

The Muskrats wrote five new songs for this album, "Rock Around The Cosmos" being the first in line. A raw vintage sound that immediately reminds of the late fifties Sci-Fi movies & rocksongs. Great atmosphere and superb lead guitar. More great slapping & finger pickin' on the whiskey-voiced "Bottle of Brew" (sang by Ellie).

The Muskrats have added a rockabilly rhythm to the ever popular movie tune "The Godfather", and they perform a great rendition of one of Crazy Cavan's lesser known songs "Who's Gonna Rock Ya?" (from their album "It's Wild, It's Weird, It's Crazy). Some more fabulous cover songs pass the revue, revved up versions of Teddy McRae's "Hi-Fi Baby", Sleepy LaBeef's "All The Time" and Slim Rhodes' "Do What I Do".

Ellie's slide guitar on Muddy Waters' classic "I Can't Be Satisfied" will make your skin crawl and Steve's original instrumental "Gunslingin'" with Stuart Warburton on harmonica is short, but very catchy. More hopped up rockabilly on "Gonna Eat My Cake", and a very good electrified version of Johnny Powers' "Me And My Rhytm Guitar".

On the closer "Muskrat Walk", the Rats combine a boppin' rockabilly rhythm with a magnificent blues harp, distorted guitar licks and cewl clean vocals by Steve. Great song!

Ranging from blues to rhythm & blues to rockabilly to Teddy Boy stomp, it's all rock 'n' roll, what's not to like? It all sounds fantastic!

The Muskrats would like to thank Elvis Presley for all his inspiration.

Current line-up (left to right):
Mark "Ellie" Ellerton - Bass, Slide Guitar
Tony Roath - Drums
Steve Németh - Vocals, Guitar

Guest musicians:
Stuart Warburton - Harmonica
Paul O'Donnel - Drums
Chris Cummins - Rhythm Guitar
Steve Webb - Harmony Vocals

Contact information:
Steve Németh
283 Court Oak Rd.
Harborne, Birmingham
B32 2ED England
Phone: +44 121 426 4476 

Foot Tapping Records
28 Cranford Avenue
Church Crookham
Fleet, GU52 6QU U.K.
Phone: +44 (0)1252 627395 

Reviewed by The BlackCat, 2005