I Wanna Go, Mr. Whiz
El Toro Records, ETCD 2038

Mr Whiz is formed in December 2002. The three guys who are playing in this wonderful band are Klaus Villarroel (Vocals, Upright Bass), José M. Casajeros (Guitar) and Germán M. Lopez (Drums). All three of them played together in their previous band Teen Age Crash, which stopped in November 2002. You see, within a month these three gentlemen had a new band, because they could NOT stop playing that great music from the 40's and 50's! They mix Rock 'n' Roll, Rockabilly and Country with a taste of Swing and then you hear their unique sound. The name "Mr. Whiz" comes from the title of a song of Jerry Reed, which brings us to some well known artists who influenced Mr. Whiz: of course Jerry Reed but also Johnny Cash, Hank Williams, Elvis Presley, Bob Wills, Carl Perkins and Charlie Feathers. Not the least I mention!

I was a regular customer of Caddy's Diner in Purmerend, Holland (Caddy's doesn't exist anymore) and I had the opportunity to see them play live. Back then I hadn't heard of them, so I was pretty amazed of their quality. I, and I think 98 percent of Caddy's customers, had a very nice time with them! Good music, good sound, that means great fun!! Always nice to see that the frontman is the smallest guy and plays the biggest instrument! And does that with great enthusiasm. To be honest: the other two members are quite as good also!! Let there be no mistake about that.

Mr.Whiz did the writing of all the songs themselfs, except for track #3 (J. Cash) and track # 7 (L. McDaniel). This CD comes with a booklet which contains all the lyrics of the songs and some very nice pictures.

What I have here is the second album, it's called: "I wanna go". This is also the opener of the CD and is a clean uptempo Rocker, the kind of Rockabilly song that stays in my head for a long time... Slow rock at "High Class Weddin'" about a greaser who leaves with a bride at her wedding. Well there you are as wealthy groom, ha greasers have more fun, don't they? "Leave That Junk Alone" a very nice cover, original written by Mr. Johnny Cash. Good song with a message which says leave the boose and drink water. Great massage, but a beer from time to time a just as nice. In the same style of music is "Dark Swamp", a balad with a sad text. "City Lights", well, how do you feel when you are dumped by your girlfriend? Right, like a rat in City Lights.

Over to Rockabilly in Johnny Burnette Trio style, guitar playing is just like Paul Burlison did. But the vocals on this "Million Dollar Gang" did let me think of Elvis' Baby, Let's play house. Nice song. What I like about Mr. Whiz is that they sing in their own language also. And it sounds great too! Listen to "Otro Corazón" and you have to agree with me! Even when I haven't got a clue what it is about. Original written by Luke McDaniel (One More Heart). Rumba sounds in "When I Left El Paso". A song about a dead sherriff's son, well, you don't fight and stab someone! Then you have to leave El Paso. Because of the law... Finally after all those sad songs a happy one: When Love Calls On You". This is a very nice balad, a duett with Ana Rodrígues. "I Wanna Be A Millionair". Who doesn't? And buy the moon for his love? Happy song. Hillbilly ballad is the last on this CD: "All My Life Is Gone", another duett with miss Ana Rodrígues. In my opinion not the best song on this album, it's too slow, but overall taken is this album one to listen a few times more.

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I Wanna Go / High Class Weddin' / Leave That Junk Alone / Dark Swamp / City Lights / Million Dollar Gang / Otro Corazón / When I Left El Paso / When Love Calls On You / I Wanna Be A Millionair / All My Life Is Gone

Mr. Whiz is:
Klaus Villarroel - Vocals, Upright Bass
José M. Casjeros - Guitar
Germán M. Lopez - Drums

Guest singer:
Ana Rodrígues - duett on tracks 9 & 11

Contact information:

El Toro Records
P.O Box 220
Pineda, 08397, Barcelona


Reviewed by Rockin' Kees, 2009