I'm Moving On, Matt Lucas  
Redita 146, 2002

Hey, I'm not gonna introduce Matt Lucas to you on this page, if you haven't heard of this ol' time rocker yet, read Matt's biography elsewhere on this website. Maybe I should tell you a little something about Redita Records though. Redita is a one-man-operation, and the man is Robert Loers. He has been re-releasing rare rockabilly, rhythm & blues, country and hillbilly music for some 25 years now I think, and his earlier vinyl albums are much sought after collectors items by now. Blood is thicker than water and there's just no stopping Robert from searching and re-releasing the stuff that you couldn't find anywhere else.

This new Redita CD is an anthology of Matt Lucas' early 45s, accompanied by a beautiful 16 page booklet with liner notes by Adrian Sturm (Rockville International) and lotsa pictures and label shots. I bet you'll enjoy Matt's rock 'n' roll music and white rhythm & blues, but most of all this CD is a historical release, greatly researched by Robert and Adrian, with the kind help of Matt Lucas himself. Your collection won't be complete without it, unless you have all the original Good, Dot, Karen, Celebration, Smash and Renay 45s from the early 60s of course :-))

I'm Moving On / Water Moccasin / Turn On Your Lovelight / Tradin' Kisses / Put Me Down / Maybelline / Ooby Dooby / Wine Wine Wine / No On Like You / Mr. King of Rock & Roll / Sweetest One / Drukard's Dream / My Heavenly Angel / New Orleans Woman / Ubangi Stomp / Annie Had A Baby / Red Hot / Going To Toronto / Move On Down The Line / Rock & Roll Ruby / M.C. Twine / I Need Your Lovin' / Herpes Blues

Contact information:
Matt Lucas
Post Office Box 96
McAlpin, Fl.
32062 USA

Available from:
Redita Records
Robert F. Loers
Dalfsenstraat 20
2541VS Den Haag
The Netherlands
Phone: +31 (0)70-3210949

Adrian Sturm's website:

Reviewed by The BlackCat, 2003