Move On In! The Barnstompers
Barnrecords, Barn CD 103

Finally a new CD from the Dutch Swingbilly band The Barnstompers. This band was formed in 1991 and has never left the Rock and Roll scene from that particular day in September. These four guys had seen some changes in the line-up along their 20 year history but they always kept faithfull to their sound of music which they call Swingbilly. This Swingbilly is a mix of Western Swing, Rockabilly, American Country-Boogie and Honky Tonk. So you can find all the ingredients of the late fourties and early fifties traditional American music in the repertoire they play so well.

Their sound is so authentic that this has brought them all over the globe to play the big and little festivals, toured with some great names, such as Big Sandy and his Flyrite Boys, Sid King and Brother Billy, Lew Williams and Sonny Fisher. The list goes on and on.... Also, The Barnstompers is the backing band for Annita, you must have heared of Annita and the Starbombers, well there they are again!

So, over to today's review on their latest album. This CD is recorded by K.C. Byrd's Recording Service, with second enginering by Eddie Byrd. As you might know, K.C. Byrd is the lead guitar player and lead vocalist of The Barnstompers. Music, that's what it's all about, let me talk you through this album. I am not going to write about the tracks one by one, but let me take a few highlights. It starts off with Move On In And Stay, real Barnstompers sound. Next is So Much, this one is for two voices, the second vocal being Bassman Larry Tulip, great song. But what is more in my head is some up-tempo, and that's what you hear in I Hear You Talking. If you ever heared early Sun Records tunes, the next is just like that. It's called Come On Home and I have to tell you that the first guitar break on this track is played by Eddie Byrd. Let us jump to song number eight. This Blues Around My Door is sung by Larry Tulip.

The only thing I want to say about I Will is that it has great rhythm, nice drums and bass, and fine guitar-play, excellent! Second vocal on Heartaches is done by J.J., the man on Rhythm Guitar. A bit of a Western story on Cajun Doll, with excellent backing vocals by J.J. and Larry, they do the same on track 14, Lips That Kiss So Sweetly, those voices fits perfectly together! Great sound on If I Find My Dreamgirl, it has something of Indy Rock guitar playing, nice song! The three voices again on the last song: I'm Tired.
Last but not least we get a Bonus track: Annita and the Starbombers: Columbus G.A. from the CD "It'd Surprise You".

Nice album from the Dutch boys, 18 tracks of pure Swingbilly, with a little touch of Annita (great voice, great woman). You should see The Barnstompers perform live, you'd be surprised....

Move On In And Stay / So Much / I Hear You Talking / Come On Home / A Losing Game / I Want Her Blues / Don't Knock What You Don't Understand / Blues Around My Door / I Will / Heartaches / I'm Gonna Burn Your Playhouse Down / Cajun Doll / Train As Black As Cole / Lips That Kiss So Sweetly / If I Find My Dreamgirl / Gentlemen Prefer Blondes / I'm Tired / Columbus G.A. (Bonustrack)

The Barnstompers are:
K.C. Byrd - Lead Guitar, Vocals
Larry Tulip - Double Bass, Vocals
J.J. - Rhythm Guitar, Vocals
Rutger Berends - Drums

Special guests:
Eddie Byrd, Guitar on "Come On Home"
Annita, Bonus track, Columbus G.A.

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Reviewed by Rockin' Kees, 2011