Motorcycle Gang, Cosh Boys
Butterfly Records BUT-32

The Cosh Boys from Finland are back with an EP on real vinyl. Finally the good old days are back!! If you want a copy of this EP you must act quickly because it is a limited edition. There are only 500 copies made.

This new platter has a great title, and that's because the Cosh Boys are motorcycle riders themselves. The singer of this band, Timo Kurunsaari (a.k.a. Gray Curtis), is founding member of the Oilers M.C.C. This Motorcycle "gang" has a clubhouse in Helsinki where the Cosh Boys have their weekly jams together. I think that besides these weekly jamsessions it's also a little rehearseltime... The Oilers Motorcycle Club is founded in 1990, and Timo still rides his Royal Enfield Interceptor in his spare time. The coverpicture of this EP is taken at one of these rehearsels, in front of the all Britisch Motorcycle club. It's just a genuine normal daylife picture of the band on their own motorbikes. I say these are real Rockers.

Well, I got very lucky because Timo sent me a copy of this real vinyl record, so I had to look for my old pick-up... I do have a good old pick-up from 1957 which has to turn for a few minutes before it get the right revs. When I listened to the platter I had to smile, not just because it's been a long time that I used this pick-up, but it is a great record these fellows have sent me.

There a four tracks of which two are from their CD. On the CD the ex-bandmember Jari Jousimo played the lead guitar (Motorcycle Gang and Valerian '64). These two tracks are newly remastered for vinyl release. The other two song are recorded last summer with the new lead guitarist Thomas Dahlstrom. Here on the two instrumentals is Timo Kurunsaari playing the lead guitar and is Thomas Dahlstrom playing the rhythm guitar. This is probably done to make it complicated for us listeners ;-)

This EP starts as usual with side A, and the first track is "Motorcycle Gang". It's written by Gray Curtis (Timo Kurunsaari) and I like this song. It has the roaring sounds of almost a real motorcycle and a nice lyric that says: These guys are tougher than King Kong! Well, I am a motorcycle rider myself... Track number two is the instrumental "Skyline". This is written by Hasse Rosen and it's a real early sixties Teddy Boy Rocker the way we know from the Shadows for example. You all know that we have to turn the EP to listen what else is on this black disc. I've done this also!

So side B is now on top and what have we here? A Gray Curtis instrumental you might know from their CD "We Are Still Juvenile Delinquents". Only this time Gray himself plays the lead guitar. The beginning is quite scary, it seems like the Martians are landing, Brrr! It has got that Space-Age feel over it that you heared very much in the early sixties when UFO's were Hot. Nevertheless great guitar playing here, and I must say that these guys can certainly play their instruments, with no doubt! The last song on this side and this EP is "Go On Home". Written by Cole and Clark. This one is a rather sad story about some guy that's fresh out of prison, lost his wife and family. He isn't looking for trouble, he has just sit ten years behind bars. He comes across the wrong guy and that man has a knive and wants to fight with him. So this little sad story has a meaning: the guy out of prison talks the bad guy onto the right trail: You don't want to stab me, just go home..I know what it is in prison you'd better Go On Home! Sad, sad story of man who wants to get straight and walks into some jerk. Looks like everyday life in the big city. Great Teddy Boy platter, I think it's sold out soon if you don't hurry!!

Side A:
Motorcycle Gang

Side B:
Valerian '64
Go On Home

Cosh Boys are:
Timo Kurunsaari - Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar, Lead Guitar
Thomas Dahlstrom - Lead Guitar, Rhythm Guitar
Timo Kalijärvi - Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals
Pilsu Koponen - Drums

Contactinfo and Bookings:
Timo Kurunsaari
Hiihtomaentie 16 E 47
00810 Helsinki
Phone: +358 50 541 8263 

Butterfly Records
P.O.Box 31225
E-08080 Barcelona, Spain 

Reviewed by Rockin' Kees, 2008