Monkey Wrench, The Creepers 
Independent, 2002

Since 2000 The Creepers have made a tremendous impression on the Australian rockabilly and rock 'n' roll dance scene. They have continued to wow their audiences with their own brand of original and cover dance tunes in this, their second album. Every Creeper concert is a spontaneous event (even the guys don't know wht may happen) where the band is committed to providing the sweat that comes with great music. So, when you put your cat clothes on, don't forget those Creepers.

The Creepers are an authetic 50's rockabilly band blasting out of the Central Coast of New South Wales, Australia. The four piece band formed late 1999 with the intent to play great rockabilly music. The Creepers audiences consist of those that have a passion for all things of the 50's era, including classic cars, flamboyant dance styles and rock 'n' roll and rockabilly music. The Creepers have been one of the major attractions at the 2001 and 2002 Elvis Festival, held at Maitland in NSW. The band also won critical acclaim after their breath taking performances at the 2001 and 2002 Wintersun Festival, which is a 50's nostalgia festival held in Coolangatta every year.

After the succesful release of their first EP "All Soled Out" in 2001, the band returned to the studio in March 2002 to produce this album, their first full length release, titled "Monkey Wrench", which starts with the sound of a hot rod car taking off at full throttle. The blast off of a superb self-penned rocker titled "The Chase". The pace is set, fabulous sound, rockabilly at full speed, and a smashing car crash which ends the rave. Second is Hank & Eddie's "Slowdown", they should have thought of that before, it might have prevented the car crash, LOL. Darn, that lead guitar is really crawling up my spine, awesome cover. Next is the title track "Monkey Wrench", and now they done it! If this keeps up like this, I'm gonna have to throw in a five star recommendation for this album...

The "Nursery Rhyme Song" is definitly not a song to rock you to sleep, I bet you can't even stop your feet from boppin' all over the place. And I bet you never heard Johnny Cash's "You're My Baby" like this! The Creepers' orginal "One Step" slows down the rhythm to a heavy blues cruncher, just before hitting off hard again with another one of Glenn's songs "Hooterville". Now, another cover version of "Driving Wheel", a song that seems to be quite popular lately, but I'm sure you will want to check out the Creepers' version. Sonny and Mark wrote the next original "Creepin'", you wanted fast rockin'? You got it!

Of course you can't leave out Carl Perkins when you're recording rockabilly coversongs, so an ode to the master is presented with "Your True Love" and "Cat Clothes". A bit more of the blues with Arthur Crudup's "I'm So Glad You're Mine", a song us rockers know best of The King Elvis Presley of course. Vernon Taylor's Sun recording "Your Lovin' Man" is revived with a faster rhythm than the original, and it'll rock your socks off. Two more originals, "Red Hot Girls" and "Come back" complete this first full length Creepers release. Five stars for the rocking music, five stars for sound and production. This is one heck of a rockabilly gem! Let's go hot roddin' one more time...

The Creepers are:
Clayton Johnson - Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
Mark Randall - Lead Guitar
Sonny Hinwood - Stand-Up Drums
Glenn Jeffries - Slap Double Bass

Information and bookings:
Clayton Johnson (Australia)
Tel: 0402 250976 or 02 43534630

Reviewed by The BlackCat, 2002
Additional information provided by Sonny Hinwood