Mo' Blues! Mo' Blues! Mo' Blues! - Kevin Fennell
Winsor Music, 2005

Let me tell you beforehand that this is mainly a blues album, mixed in with some good old rhythm & blues and stomping rock 'n' roll. Kevin Fennell has done many projects in various music fields, like Rockabilly (with Ray Campi), Hillbilly (Wild Turkeys), Chicago Blues (Steamroller Blues), Jazz (The Jazz Connection) and Rhythm & Blues. Those of you who were there, or have seen the famous European rock 'n' roll video "Blue Suede Shoes", have seen Kevin perform with Ray Campi at the Caister Weekender in 1979. Kevin is still with Ray Campi these days, and Ray has also contributed to this new Kevin Fennell album doing bass and backing vocals on a couple of tracks.

 Kevin Fennell and Ray Campi at Caister 1979 (Blue Suede Shoes Video)

There are 10 tracks on this album, but I must start here with track #9. Kevin kept this a secret for me until this new album fell on my doormat. Never a word, imagine my surprise when I read in the liner notes "Black Cat Boogie dedicated to BlackCat Rockabilly NL for his hard work keepin' real music alive!". This is the first time ever somebody wrote a song for me, and Kevin, I am forever grateful. It's a great uptempo rhythm & blues song, Bo Diddley style, and the lyrics are magnificent. Kevin knows that besides a lifelong rocker, I am also a hardcase motorbike rider, hence the last lines of the lyrics "When the dance is over ain't nothin' like, haulin' ass on a motorbike". Thanks Kevin, you're the best!  LISTEN TO THIS SONG | LYRICS

And now for the rest of this brand new platter; the opener "Please Walk Slow" is mix of blues and folk music with great guitar licks and a smooth harmonica in the background. Second track, "For Walter" is picking up a bit more speed in this classic early sixties style blues bopper. On the next track we meet April Lee, who sings a mean "Big Bad Mama" with Pep Torres doing the backing vocals. "Hip Shaker" starts off dark and mysterious, picking up speed along the way, with a low down bass rhythm.

"Shame Shame" is a slow blues duet sung by Kevin and April Lee, followed by a fast rocker called "Jump To The Blues Tonight", another well known guest and long time friend of Kevin, Pep Torres, is doing the vocals. "Weasel Man" is weird rock & blues mix about a worthless punk, with magnificent guitar licks that remind a bit of Stevie Ray Vaughan in his early days. On the cheerful bopper "Too Much Tequila Blues" Pep Torres is back with a Mexican accent (and some Spanish lyrics). The last track, titled "DJ Shuffle" is an instrumental that reminds a bit of Jimmy Skinner, which of course is nothing new if you are familiar with the work of Ray Campi, who is also slapping the bass on this bluesy country track.

Mostly blues, with a whole bunch of excellent musicians, and a few uptempo rockers and boppers, it is an all American roots music album. All tracks were written by Kevin Fennell, except "Too Much Tequila Blues" written by Kevin Fennell & Pep Torres.

The musicians:
Kevin Fennell - Guitars, Vocals, Bass, Drums, Percussion
Joel Gossman - Blues Harp
DJ Bonebrake - Drums, Percussion
Pep Torres - Vocals
Ray Campi - Bass, Backup Vocals
April Lee - Vocals, Backup Vocals
Jill The Crow - Vocals

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Reviewed by The BlackCat, 2005