Hot Wheels, Mischief! 
Tombstone Tom-CD 2087

Liner notes
As a regular festivalgoer I see Mischief play live at the finest festivals worldwide at least a few times a year. Whether it's at the Rockabilly Rave in the UK, or at High Rockabilly in Spain, every time I catch their show, they surprise me like the first moment I saw them. Their tight harmonies, excellent dance grooves and catchy originals stand out... way out. That's why I didn't hesitate when they asked me to produce their new album. Of course I accepted the offer gladly. It's an honour and a challenge and just a pleasure to work with those guys too. Besides this, their hometown Utrecht provided a very fine recording studio to work at. Mischief's live experience made the recordings a piece of cake, and so we captured their rocking live-feel on tape. No computers here! The recordings turned out terrific. Just listen to "Hot Wheels" or "Millionaire"... Rockabilly and Rock 'n' Roll don't come better than this!
- Jelle van Atten AKA Joe Sixpack, Rotterdam, 30 March 2008 -

Well, 15 years is a long time for any band to stick together, but yes... Mischief! have been on the road since 1993 and over the years they have become one of the best rockabilly bands in Europe. It was about time that they put the energy of their live shows on a silver platter again, and here it is, the long awaited new Mischief! CD "Hot Wheels".

The CD is a mixture of great new selfpenned songs (8 out of 14) and some well chosen favorites from the past. The album hits off with the title song "Hot Wheels", a rockabilly roadsong with a great melody line, excellent harmony vocals and fabulous guitar licks. Great opener! The Rusty & Doug Kershaw classic "Hey Mae" is played pretty much in the original style and it sounds as authentic as the Kershaw original. "All I Can Do" is a very catchy tune to sing along to, and do a bit of strolling around, followed by Gene Vincent's "Say Mama". Well, you can't go wrong with including one of Gene's songs for this old rocker, 'cause I've been a Vincent fan for much longer than I care to remember. And Mischief! does a real good job covering it too.

Ned Miller's "From A Jack To A King" is still in my jukebox today, and it's great hearing a great band like Mischief! whiping the dust of this old 45. The selfpenned "Grow Up" is old school rockabilly, Ray Campi comes to mind, with guitar slinger Daze hitting the strings like a wildman. Love it! "On My Own Again" slows down the pace and gives you a chance to catch your breath and croon along with Jelle's pedal steel.

Some more gold from the vault with the Everly's "Problems", a song cut out fantasticly for Mischief's harmony vocals. Let's rock down the road some more "In My Automobile", "All Because Of You" and "If I Could", all three of them Mischief! originals. A classic by rockabilly hero Johnny Burnette is also included, and the band does a wonderful job on "That's The Way I Feel".

The dark moody "Millionaire" is one of my favorites from this album, just turn up the volume and I'm sure you'll agree that this is gonna be a new rockabilly "classic"! The CD ends with another Rusty & Doug Kershaw cover, the boys sure know how to pick their coversongs, 'cause the song fits them to a T. A job well done. The CD comes with a 12 page booklet which also includes the lyrics of all original songs. Fantastic album!

Hot Wheels / Hey Mae / All I Can Do / Say Mama / From A Jack To A King / Grow Up / On My Own Again / Problems / In My Automobile / All Because Of You / If I Could / That's The Way I Feel / Millionaire / Never Had The Blues

Mischief! are:
Daze v/d Erf - Guitars, Vocals
Pat v/d Erf - Upright Bass, Vocals
Richard - Drums, Vocals

Guest musicians:
Sietse Heslinga - Percussion
Jelle van Alten - Pedal Steel, Six String Bass

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Reviewed by The BlackCat, 2008