Rockabilly Christmas, Michael Bishop

I'd like to tell you about about "Rockabilly Christmas". I decided to write and produce a Christmas song to be a classic and of course I chose the music that grabbed me by the throat and never let go so many years ago.

There we were, on a blistering hot day in LA. I called for a 11:00 downbeat. Everyone showed up on time and we started setting up. My idea was to do it all live except for vocals, by 12:30 it was 98 degrees and we warmed it up even a bit more. By 1:30 we had the version you hear as the track. Brian Ray stopped by [he's now with Paul McCartney] and added a little guitar. I had the girls dressed in Santa costumes for visual effect. Got them down in two takes and then it was my turn. Geza X, the engineer got me that certain echo and I put it down in one take. We knew we had something because it felt like Christmas that afternoon in the LA heat. Rockabilly Christmas was born out of the love of the music and the desire to make a Christmas classic and keep the sound of this music alive for those who know and for those who don't.

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Michael Bishop Bio:
By the time I was 6 I was singing with my brother on my mom's TV show in Hawaii, Johnny Burnette songs, Gene Vincent and a lot more .My brother was a guitar prodigy and I had the "voice". We went on to a long career in the buiness, moving to Hollywood, Making movies [Wild in the Streets] doing TV shows and making records and writing for publishing companies Jobete/Mowtown, 20th Century fox, MGM and a few more. One thing I always came back to was my roots, Rockabilly.

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By Michael Boshop, 2007
Used with permission