Go Go Rhythm, The Mezcal Brothers 
(Mezcal Brothers, 2006)

The Mezcal Brothers from Lincoln, Nebraska, have been playing their own brand of roots rock, rockabilly and alternative country to happy crowds for along time. The Mezcals can be seen around the Midwest in support of their self-produced albums, "Hold on Tight", "Rev It Up", "Next Town" and the new "Go Go Rhythm". All albums feature lotsa original songs and has already caught the attention of national blues and roots rock acts such as The Belairs, The Paladins, The Blazers, Big Sandy and the Domino Kings. The quartet has remained extremely busy and brings their highly energetic vintage rock show to anyone who feels the need to dance and have a good old fashioned boppin' time.

Note from Dave Gonzalez:
Man, you made a great record! I've listened to it a lot. It rocks!!! Man, the "feel"... That's the first thing I noticed. Everyone is playing great, strong, but nobody is tryin' to steal the show. Y'all are playing "together" like a great band should. The mix is really great! Just the way I like it... No mud, lotsa guitar, and the singer up front. Amen. There's a lot of strong material on this record and it all rocks. The Mezcal Brothers all sound great, but hats off to brother Ben! Man he's rippin'!!! On a few tunes he sounds like Paul Burlison, and then turns right around and sounds like Cliff Gallup. If you dig really rockin' rockabilly, this is it!!! Rock-a-billy, the good kind!
---Dave Gonzalez (Paladins, Hacienda Brothers)---

Well, what more can I add to that! If one of my icons, no one less that Dave Gonzalez from The Paladins, writes that lead guitar slinger Benny Kushner sounds like Paul Burlison and Cliff Gallup, that just says it all. What better compliment can you get! Myself, I can't ever get enough of the Mezcal Brothers. Besides the awesome guitar riffs, Gerardo's voice is something else too. He can do the deep dark ssound, like on "I'm Gone", and then easily switch to scorching like on "Firecracker", which by the way is one fantastic song that'll make tour skin curl.

The Mezcal Brothers have been awarded five stars before, for their album "Next Town", and I'm happy to do it again. What a fabulous collection of brand new selfpenned rockabilly this is. Hot & cooking, rough and rocking, while staying true to the original 50s sound. What a ball!!

Go Go Rhythm / Bust It Up / I'm Gone / Friday Night Fool Around / Fit Ta Boogie / Border Patrol / Empty Bottle / Firecracker / Tighten That Up / I Can't Wait / Goin' Home / Foolin' Myself

The Mezcal Brothers are:
Gerardo Meza - Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
Benny Kushner - Lead Guitar
Charlie "Fireball" Johnson - Upright Bass
Shaun Theye - Drums

Contact information:
The Mezcal Brothers
1544 So. 20th St. #2
Lincoln, NE 68502
Phone: +1 (402) 476-3729


Reviewed by The BlackCat, 2006