Live In Australia, Memphis Mike & The Legendary Tremblers
Cracked Piston Recordings

Well, I guess that most of you constant readers already know that I like my rock 'n' roll pretty wild and loud, and Memphis Mike Metzger has never let me down in playing his kind of music rough, tough and able! After delivering a couple of my favorite albums in the past, like "Back From The Dead" and "Live & Loud" (do read Mike's story in his own words), Mike took his music all the way down under to Australia, and boy did they love it!!

Mike brings some of his best songs from his previous albums, and also a few that were not on any of his Legendary Tremblers albums. As always, Mike mixes his rock 'n' roll with a fair dose of blues, like in the Bo Diddley style "I Bought The Farm". He also takes a crack at some of the best known surf twangs in his 10 minute medley "Whacked Out Surf Medley".

Do not expect studio recording quality, because that's not what this album is all about, it's about experiencing live roots music on the road, recorded live to Stereo Minidisc in Narooma, Melbourne & Sidney, Australia, except bonus tracks 17 & 18, which are new studio tracks recorded at Daveworld Studios, Ambridge, PA, USA.

I'm Gonna Tell / Skoodly Boop / I Bought The Farm / Nightstalker 2003 / Little Sister / If You Let Me / Folsom / Cursed / Goldfinger / Nodbody For Me / The Acca Dacca Song / Like We Used To Do / The Good, The Bad & The Ugly / Cool Rockin' Daddy / Whacked Out Surf Medley / Just Go / The Last Time (Studio Recording) / Rockin' In Melbourne (Studio Recording)

The musicians:
Memphis Mike - Guitars, Vocals
Robert Jacob - Bass
Brian Francis (Melbourne) - Drums

Contact information:
Memphis Mike Metzger

Reviewed by The BlackCat, 2008