7 More To Go, Memphis Mike & The Legendary Tremblers
Rusted Records, 2010


Well, let's start this review with Memphis Mike's own words, so you're getting an idea what has been going on for the past few years...

3 and a half years! That's how long it took to finish this CD. Apologies for taking so long. Hopefully, you find it worth the wait! That pesky heart attack and that silly assault charge kinda got in the way of progress.

This disc marks the recording debut of our mad Aussie drummer; Mr. Brian Francis. And one helluva drummer he is! He saved our butts on our 1st Australian tour and has done so on numerous occasions since. In May of 2007, I took him to the studio to make some noise and pop his studio cherry, and what you hold in your hands is the end result. None of these songs are exactly new. One I wrote back in 1987! But we went in the studio to make some noise and this is what came out! Loud and raw and rockin'! Just like mom used to make!

We touched on everything from rockabilly to jump blues to country to jazz to psychobilly. We eschewed flashy production for a stripped down, raw sound. Like Sam Phillips once told me, "It's all just Rock & Roll, man!"

Thanks for sticking around!
Memphis Mike

Right, on with the review then...
I've known Mike for long time now, and over the years we've become good friends... by e-mail, because we never actually met, probably because Mike doesn't know where Europe is :-)) Lucky for him, we got Google Earth now and Mike even whispered through the grapevine about doing a tour in Europe in the near future. That's great news, I might finally get to meet this big friendly teddy bear of a rocker in person!

But for now, we will have to settle for the new CD "7 More To Go"  that's coming out around Christmas. Of course I got a preview copy and therefor I just might be the first to write a review about it. Those of you who heard his earlier CD's already know that Mike makes his own kind of Rock 'n' Roll and doesn't really do anything "by the book". That makes him special, and you either love his music or hate it. For me, I like most of what he comes up with, but definitly not all. So let's give this disk a spin. Three-and-a-half years should be enough to make something decent...

The opener is an instrumental Buggin' Annie  with fast slapping bass and a lot of screaming guitar licks. Raw, basic and fun! On Whiskey Wine & Beer you can hear Mike's tortured voice, and going by the title, we now know how he got that voice...

Let's put a little distortion on the guitar amp and out comes Little Juliet, ohw yes, that's raising the hair in my neck. Rough, tough and rockin'!! Follow that with a good old rockabilly song Nervous Mavis and 4 tracks down, I already know I love this new record.

Mike has been on tour in Australia and sure enough he had to write a song about it, Rockin' In Melbourne is straight forward rock and roll Memphis Mike style. What You Gonna Do? slows down the pace a bit and shows Mike's teddy bear side, a diamond in the rough...

Let's skip a few good ole rockin' tracks and jump to Once Again You Win, a song in the style of Johnny Cash, one of my all time heroes, and although a bit rougher than Johnny would have done it, it's a really great song!

On The Last Time, Mike stays closer to the original 50's sound and Satin Lace & Tears is a slow instrumental that reminds a bit of Santo & Johnny. Once that's finished it's back to hard rockin' again with By The Numbers and Last Call.

The closer is a Super Top Secret Extra Special Bonus Track, kind of a Christmas present I guess, starting off as a scratchy old record, very raw and a bit scary too! Kinda like the soundtrack of horror movie LOL, and it goes on into a live recording of Little Junior's Love My baby. So, that's no longer a secret anymore...

Let's close with Mike's final words about this CD:
I like this disc. It's not as flashy as Back From The Dead but it gets it's point across. Its raw, basic, and rockin'... kinda like me. LOL

Memphis Mike & The Legendary Tremblers are:
Memphis Mike - Vocals, Guitar, Dobro, bass, maniacal laughter
Rob Jacob - Electric Bass
Brian Francis - Drums and Various Odd Noises

Buggin' Annie - Whiskey Wine & Beer - Little Juliet - Nervous Mavis - Rockin' In Melbourne - What You Gonna Do? - 1000 Miles - Starlight Starbright - Number 9 - Once Again You Win - The Last Time - Satin Lace & Tears - By The Numbers - Last Call - SUPER TOP SECRET EXTRA SPECIAL BONUS TRACK

Memphis Mike Metzger

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Reviewed by The BlackCat, 2010