Memphis To Chicago, The Blueflames
Raucous Records, RAUCD 062

And now for something completely different from Raucous. Not quite rockabilly, although it sure has the beat, not quite blues, although it surely has the soul. I'll take you through the tracks in a nutshell, but you really should listen to this. Whether you're a blues fan or a rockabilly cat, you will appreciate this sound for sure.

The number one track in a greasy cover of Jacky Lee Cochran's "Hipshakin' Mama", rockabilly al the way to the top, followed by a beautiful Junior Thompson item titled "Mama's Little baby". On tracks three and four, the band switches to authentic blues with "Come Back baby" and "Mean Ol' Train", and although I'm not a blues man, this sounds pretty cool to me. The next track is a real gem. On the cover of the CD it reads "She's My Baby (Unknown)". Nothing much 'unknown' about this song, it's Steve Alaimo's 1959 song, which was so beautifully covered by the great Ral Donner in 1961. This Blueflames version, with a lot of distortion on the guitar, sounds superb. Also Claude King's "Run Baby Run" is a treat for sour ears. "Gonna Miss Me" and "Don't Wanna Be Mine" is back to the roots again, followed by "She's Mine", a solid mix of rockabilly and rhythm & blues. John Lee Hooker's "Shake It" is another solid blues track with great guitars, guitars that make the overall sound of this compact disk. Dr. Ross' "Cat Squirrel" is pure rhythm & blues with a steady rockabilly beat. Bob Luman's "Hello Baby" is strictly rockabilly, which shows the great variety on this record. "Ride 'N' Roll" is fast paced R&B, again with a rockabilly beat, while "Feel Like Going Home" slows down the pace again, back to the roots of blues. Then there is Junior Parker's "Feel So Worried" and the last track is another selfpenned song titled "Time", again this is the Blueflames' distinctive rhythm & blues style with a heavy beat.

Although this Raucous release is not your average rockabilly platter, I'm pretty sure that any rockabilly fan will appreciate the Blueflames sound. A mix of black and white roots music which on many aspects reminds of the early sounds of Sun records. Pretty damn good CD!


The BlackCat, 2000

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