The Megatones, The Megatones
Skinny Records, SKCD 6910

British rock 'n' roll, of course, dates back from the fifties and The Teddy Boys (named after King Edward because of their dress code) have a long history in the United Kingdom. When the British rock 'n' roll revival in the 70s, with the likes of Crazy Cavan, Flying Saucers and Riot Rockers, hit the main land, Europeans got to know this special form of rockabilly music, which started out as "Crazy Rhythm" and is now generally known as "Teddy Boy Music".

Teddy Boy bands popped up in many European countries, most of them followers of Crazy Cavan & The Rhythm Rockers. Holland, Germany and Finland were well known for their Teddy Boy bands; Slippers, Teencats, Kentucky Boys, Ronnie & The Haydocks - to name but a few - are well known acts on the rockabilly scene.

In 1998 Skinny Records from Spain introduced a new Teddy Boy style band "The Megatones"  from Madrid, Spain, on SKEP001. A second EP, SKEP002, followed. This EP was a joined venture, with two songs of the Sledgehammer of Rock 'n' Roll, Wild Bob Burgos on the flipside. And now, in 2001, The Megatones are proud to present their first full length CD, also on the Spanish label Skinny Records.

The first track on the CD is a Crazy Cavan classic titled "The Election Day". Oops, just kidding, it's selfpenned by Aquilino Gómez, but it could have been a Cavan Grogan song from the late 70s. If you dig Cavan, you'll dig this too! Fabulous guitar intro and a stompin' crazy rhythm sound throughout the song. A bit slower is "Be My Baby Tonight", also by Aquilino, who, by the way, wrote eight of the thriteen tracks on this CD.

The Glen Barber rockabilly classic "Go Home Letter" sounds great too, with a hard hitting snare drum, Jimmy Van Eaton style, good guitars breaks and Aquilino's accomplished singing voice, with hardly any Spanish accent. "You're Not Mine" is a ballad, I'm not much into ballads myself, but rumour has it that every album should have one. I disagree. I'd much rather hear a good guitar instrumental like "Golden Earings" from the movie with the same title (1946), played in Hank Marvin style.

Fast guitar licks on the sad Johnny Burnette song "I'm Restless" and then another Teddy Boy stomper from Aquilino, titled "Once Again". "Sunday Evening Blues" has that slow draggin' rhythm that gives cats & kittens a chance to to the Walk, while "Be Bop Teddy Girl" is another Cavan classic by Aquilino - well, you what I mean. I never knew Cavan did any Spanish songs, so "Cuando Llegue Al Coffeee Bar" must have been written by Gómez too. This proves these guys are from Spain, you might have mistaken 'em for a UK band.

"Látigo" was written by Tony Luz (never heard of the guy), probably with the help of Hank Marvin and Colin Pryce Jones (yeah-yeah, I know, but what's life without a little humor) and sounds like an original Shadows' classic instrumental with hellfire sparking from the lead guitar. Charlie Feathers' "The Man In Love" is more my kinda ballad, if you must have another ballad. The final statement of the boys from Madrid is "Teddy Boys Will Never Die". And right they are, Teddy Boys rule! The closing notes, by the way, is a whistling of "Dixie". This record, and a six-pack of beer will surely make your day... or night.

The Megatones are:
Aquilino Gómez - Vocals, Rhythm Guitar, Percussion
Salomón Molina - Lead Guitar
Jose López "Chuco" - Bass
Roller - Drums

Contact information:
Aquilino Gómez
Tel. +34 91 309 56 49

Skinny Records
Montera, 34 2nd 10
28013 Madrid (Spain)
Tel +34 91 531 51 13

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Reviewed by The BlackCat, 2001