GIMME MO! Maureen & The Mercury 5
Catty Town Records CTR706

Maureen & The Mercury 5 blend raging Rockabilly, sultry Blues, and toe-tappin’ Swing into a sound for fans of Imelda May, Brian Setzer, Amy Winehouse and even The Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

M&M5 have appeared in Paris with Nico Duportal and Sanseverino; in Los Angeles with Dick Dale, Deke Dickerson and Big Sandy; and at the infamous Whisky A Go Go in Hollywood with members of Quiet Riot, Cheap Trick & Kiss. And despite Maureen’s bad girl image, (captured in cartoon by Artist Adam Huntley) she is still a favorite at Disneyland, performing to 1000’s every month (the band is going on it’s 6th year residency).

Recently featured on Deutschland Public Radio’s Deutschlandfunk Kultur - M&M5’s songs are also making quite a splash on American television, as heard on Lifetime Channel and Comedy Central as well as network TV. The title track GIMME MO! was cowritten with Rock artist Jesse Blaze Snider (son of Twisted Sister’S Dee), and the classic "I Want You To Be My Baby" is sung hilariously in English, French, Spanish, Chinese and Japanese, with guest stars NBC TV crooner Douglas Roegiers, Japanese Rockabilly sensation Eitaro Sako and retro music royalty Jason Eoff on keys (The Outta Sites). Co- Produced by Scotty Lund (Black Eyed Peas, Rihanna, Drake) and Sylvain Carton (Beats Antiques), GIMME MO! brings “Retro Nouveau” to Pop & Rock Radio.

Tastemaker DJ Del Villarreal premiered M&M5 prior to Viva Las Vegas 2017; WHAT’S IT GONNA TAKE, the single from M&M5’s do-it-yourself release (prior to the RB/CT signing) was featured on the Viva Las Vegas 2013 compilation when they appeared there. DJ’s in Spain, Germany, Italy, London, Canada, Sweden and Australia are featuring tracks from GIMME MO!, and they may also be heard on Spotify, Pandora Radio and AppleItunes.

Maureen & the Mercury 5 will open for Nico Duportal, November 16, 2017 at MusikTheater Piano in Dortmund, Germany, as part of a European tour (TBA) and Showtime just hired the band to celebrate an outdoor screening of the classic 50’s ?lm “GREASE” at the Eat/See/Hear Festival, June 24, 2017.

Johnny Main, Nico Duportal, Maureen, L'il Mo

Quotes:, a fanzine in Belgium (translated from Dutch)
...Davis has an absolutely amazing set of "pipes" & shows that in a nutshell., Belgium (translated from Dutch)
...Maureen Davis has considerable vocal range. Her vocal performance proves that she technically owns a lot of skill. That this lady would rise above mediocrity was fixed in the beginning...

Ol Skool Rodz (United States of America)
...Leaves one's soul black & bluesy

Music Connection (United States of America)
...A voice that oozes sass & soul...

The Keepin‘ Kind / Gimme Mo! / Drink Him Down / Shoot Me Cupid / Mr. Love Love / Mambo Joe / This Isn‘t Love / Anywhere Without Me / t Be Right / What‘s It Gonna Take / I Want You To Be My Baby / He Said, She Said

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Press Release, 2017
Courtesy of Maureen & The Mercury 5
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