Back In The Saddle Again, Matt Lucas
Ten-O-Nine Records TN8379

Message from Matt:
Hi, I wanted to tell you a little about the Back In The Saddle Again CD. I started the CD in 2005 and finished it up in 2006. We cut really 2 CDs so this was the first of two. I had the same musicians on both, including pals James Burton, Charlie Musselwhite, Mark aka "Mad Scientest" Brumbach on piano, Jon Hiller on drums as the engineer on the session had never recorded a "singing drummer live" like me before. Funny, I never looked at it as a problem as on my early Memphis Recordings at Fernwood, Sonic, etc. Roland Janes never had a problem recording me live singing and playing drums at the same time. Although -- He did say, Matt, you might have a problem with other people trying to record you as they will find it to hard or different to record you as you sing! He was right. Roland is a great guy, and was one of the orgininal studio players at Sun. He played on most of the early sun stuff and all the early Jerry Lee Lewis recordings. Wow, I'm getting away from the subject! Anyway, hope you like the new CD. I was so luckey to have such great players as they were the finest in Chicago in Blues and Rock. Mark on piano had worked for me over 35 years ago in Canada. I also had in my band, this year in Memphis at the show at the Gibson Guitar Hall of Fame Travis Wammack (He played in my band 43 years ago, James Burton, Travis's Bass player Donnie Gullett, the great Fraser Finlayson from Toronto (He played in my band "The Cum Tones" in the 70's). Boy, what a band. Bye for now, Matt on the Rd.

Well, like the man said, there are some legendary musicians on Matt's new album "Back In The Saddle Again". And they play some legendary songs as well. Famous tunes by the likes of Dave Dudley, Elvis Presley, Jimmy Reed, Hank Williams, Fats Domino and Gene Autrey. You will also find a couple of Matt Lucas originals of course, like his superb New Orleans style song "Mau Mau Boogie". The tunes range from country to blues to rockabilly and the live sound is just fantastic. Matt's rendition of Jimmy Reed's bluesy "Little Rain" is fabulous with a great blues harp break by Charlie Musselwhite. G.L. Crockett's "Look Out Mabel" goes to show you how rockabilly was played in the 50s. The title song, Gene Autrey's "Back In The Saddle Again" is revved up quite a bit and is made into a mix of country, rockabilly and boogie woogie. Listen to that piano player go! I guess you can call this CD a true roots album, the variation in styles make it very enjoyable to listen to, and the sound is nothing less than A+.

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Six Days On The Road / Blue Moon Of Kentucky / Little Rain / The Mau Mau Boogie / Jambalaya / Call Your Husband / Little Sister / Still Movin' On / Cuban Getaway / Look Out Mabel / Sheik Of Araby / Back In The Saddle Again

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Reviewed by The BlackCat, 2006