Music To My Momma's Ears, Matt Lucas
Ronjen Records 070827

Today I got news again from my old friend Matt Lucas, who at 72 years of age, is still riding his motorbike through the South & West of the United States, and is still performing and recording. Yes, Matt went back into the studio and recorded a few of his own writings that are very dear to him. He is a long time fan and friend of Fats Domino, and "Fat Man From New Orleans" is his tribute to the originator of rockin' rhythm & blues.

Matt: "When I wrote the original song I wrote it as a direct tribute to Fats and I sang it to him in New Orleans in May and he loved it. Fats himself told me "Mr. Lucas, I Love it! That song is just the way it was back then!" I was thrilled, and though im in New Mexico now, I'll be in New Orleans in October on our way back home to Florida and ill stop in and see Fats at his house."

Mr. Lucas lives life to the fullest and he usually writes about the good times and bad times as well. The bluesy "Ballad of Effie" is about a time when he was really down to earth.

Matt: "The Ballad of Effie is a song I wrote about the day my mother (The only mother I ever knew) died. I was adopted as I think you know. Anyway at the time I was so broke, drinking heavy, and freezing, living in Canada. I was so poor that I did not think I could get down to the furneral in Missouri. Friends took up a collection for me and put me on the train. It was a bad time. I think the song is the Real Blues as I'm really crying in it."

About track 3, Matt says: "No love tonight is one of my songs about a guy that is turning his woman off of sex!! No love tonight. I only write about whats happened to me."

The last song on this EP is a reprise of Matt's "Fat Man From New Orleans" sung by the producer of this record, Bob Halley.

Matt: "I've known producer Bob Halley since 1957. I liked his piano playing and got him a job playing with Narvel Felts and myself on the Rd. He's a very talented writer and had hits with Nat King Cole, Bobby Darin, lots as u will see on his website. I introduced him to Don Seat, Conway Twitty's Mgr. in New York City back then' and after leaving Narvel he moved to NYC. Yes, he made the big time in popmusic... It's great to make money but I'm a blues singing rockabilly and at 72 now I still want to be myself."

For more info about songwriter, arranger and producer Bob Halley, check out his website at ...

Although this is only an EP with 4 songs, Matt hopes you enjoy them, he sends his best regards to all of you from way out west!

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Reviewed by the BlackCat, 2007
Additional information courtesy of Matt Lucas