Masquerade For Heartache, The Starline Rhythm Boys
Cow Island Music, 2009

The next band in the line to be judged is rockabilly trio the Starline Rhythm Boys, from Vermont (where you can see them playing live almost every weekend). The record is clear and very professional. Addition of applauses, yelling and cheers makes the cd even more "live".

The strongest point of the band - they sound very American. The choice of songs (let me guess, not the "strongest", but among their favourites?), mixing styles (very easily), making music simple (without loosing quality) and they donít have any accent!

The weakest point - personally, I donít think that the cd could be very popular between rockabillies, especially bands, who are obsessed with authentic fifties sound; and most of them, as you probably noticed yourself, are living in Europe. The strongest point of Starline Rhythm Boys is the reason for it.

As usual, I wanted to say something about every song, and as usual I will skip it and make it general. Only three songs are self-penned (one of them has given the title to this release), but cd itself is very "strong". They know what they want and they "cook" it right. No complains. Everything is correct - Danny Coane makes a solid background; bass player Billy Bratcher fills in perfectly (and, yes, he must be a "drummer" too); the lead guitarist, Al Lemery, gives the final touch with his beautiful solos. On some tracks you will hear the sound of Steel Guitar. It is Kevin Maul, the special guest for this release.

I must also mention, all three of them got rights for main vocals on this cd and also, here and there, they create powerful harmony together. Talking about their style - it is some country, filled with rockabilly, decorated with swing and served as Americana. I am pretty sure they have a long list of influences.

Well, even though I am not a big fan of that kind of mixes, I can say honestly, it "tastes" realy good!

Masquerade For Heartache / Jive After Five / Trucker From Tennessee / Workin' Man Blues / Honky Tonk Gal / Red's Place / A Mess Of Blues / Goodbye Train / I'm Fed Up Drinking Here / Ubangi Stomp


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Reviewed by Kitti, 2010 
Used with permission